Friday, 21 December 2007

Happy Christmas...

First of all an apology to everyone for not being about lately. As you probably guessed from my previous entry I've been super busy, which seems to be looking that way until early Feb at this rate. Unfortunately I'm going to be incommunicado over the Festive period but I just wanted to let you know I'm alive an well if not a little snowed under (semi appropriate for this time of year?).

I'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone that I've met this year, you've all helped in your own way, even if it was a brief chat or a message. I'm looking forward to next year and seeing you more than I have recently. I certainly wouldn't have come so far if at all, thanks Nicky for my first steps they didn't seem so daunting with you there to show me the way. The rest of you... You know who you are!

I went to the Outskirts Christmas do on Monday with Chloe which was great fun and definitely good to get out and see my friends, the party was at the usual venue with a disco, a great spread of food put on and the obligatory raffle which I was promised to win a prize by Sarah who was selling the tickets, sadly this didn't happen although I thought I had won at one point - Damn my numerical dyslexia ;o)

We went to the Loft afterwards, it was great to meet/catch up with people and had some lovely compliments payed to me, I'm not sure if I deserved them all but I shall accept them graciously, I appreciate it. In addition to that I got some great hair tips which were more than welcome as I'm growing my hair out.

I've not got any photos of the night but I'm sure there should be some floating about, I'll try and get a couple of shots Chloe took after we got back to her place and post them.

Have a great Christmas and fab New Year!!
I look forward to going out next.
Jenn xx

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

The fast lane... Whooosh!

It's been a while, so I thought I'd better do some updating... Life's been pretty hectic recently with work, punctuated with sparse personal/family commitments, I've been doing a project which should start the ball rolling with my business.

That's basically what I've been doing recently with is really not very exciting, I'm going out with Chloe to the Outskirts Christmas do next week (no idea what I shall wear) so I've got that to look forward to and hopefully I'll have a bit more time for Jenny in the new year. I'm missing spending time with my friends so I'll certainly have to sort something out

Hugs Jenn x

Wednesday, 7 November 2007


The last time I was out with Lucy she posed a question to me:
If you had the choice between being an ugly (real) girl or a great looking tranny, what would you choose?

This really stumped me to be honest, obviously both have their pros and cons. At least if you're a real girl you don't have to deal with getting acceptance from society, I suppose the worst case scenario there's always plastic surgery - hehe. With being a great looking tranny though, you'd probably not have a problem with being read so the issue with society would be nullified. Is this not just a test of vanity? Possibly looking a little deep in to the question but I've yet to make a final decision.

The next is one I stumbled upon YouTube:
Are you someone's favourite person?

I've no idea if I'm anyone's favourite person, I think we'd all like to think we were although I don't think a person can have just one so I'm pretty sure most people are someone's. Something to think about though.

Enough of that, the next one will be back to my normal airy, fluffy, nonsensical self next time.
Hugs Jenn xx

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

To exceed is to not succeed - Oh no!!!

I've come to the limit of my free Flickr account, I either need to cull some of my pictures off or pay to upgrade my account. The only other option (which is a slim one) is that some lovely person buys me a pro account.

I've been really happy with Flickr since they made me safe again. Ah well, it's pretty good seeing as it's free and I've uploaded 200 pics.

Taken by a pro - so to speak
A final result from the TINT makeover day

Jenn x

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Leyla's Halloween Birthday Bash at BNO

First of all... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Leyla!
Leyla's Cake

As I was waiting in a ridiculously long cue for the petrol pumps, I got a text message from Rihanna asking where I was, she was about 30-45mins ahead of me so once done at the petrol station I drove like a bat out of hell to try and gain some ground. We finally met up at a services on the M1 where I followed her as she's got a sat nav which really came in to it's own when we got Milton Keynes with all the roundabouts. We went between two very memorable roundabouts a number of times as it decided that it didn't actually know the way to the hotel, I think it must be male as it didn't even ask for directions ;o). Finally we managed to get to the hotel where Nicky, Lucy (TINT) and Katie (Lucy's GF) were loitering outside.

After getting ready, I headed down to Leyla's room, Champagne was flowing a plenty (thank you) and everyone was in great spirits. I'd only done my corset up a little bit so headed back to my room where Lucy (Outskirts) was getting ready, she helped me into my corset and knotted me up, thanks hun - I'm not sure I could have done it by myself. We both went back to the party room, I was armed with my camera:
Blow my gun
Beckie displaying her talents and looking sickeningly gorgeous

Nicky and Beckie produced a cake with candles and everything although it did set the fire alarms off:
Hello, Reception?
Leyla calling reception to tell them it was "all ok, the hotel wasn't on fire"

The lady from reception payed us a visit but she didn't seem to be phased that she'd just entered a room of Tranny's, to be fair she was probably more concerned for her hotel. After some more drink and cake we went to Pink Punters, luckily Beckie was driving so we got a lift with her (thanks hun).

Jenny and Me
Lucy and I blowing Beckie's guns and the lovely Lisa (a picture with my wings in, yey!)

Beckie was on form as usual, running about the place shooting people with her semi-automatic, she had excellent blue contact lenses in which looked ace! Little Lucy and Katie (her girlfriend) both looked gorgeous in punk/goth outfits. My corset was felling pretty tight so I decided to skip the dancing as I was feeling a little odd just standing and I didn't really fancy fainting despite it being quite funny. Mental note to self, don't wear a corset if I'm a) going to be eating or b) going to be drinking. Especially when it's a size too small for me, should have gone with the 24" after all, think I was being a little ambitious with a 22", you live and learn eh!

This did however get me talking to Racheal Veddetta whom I had seen on Flickr, we had a great chat about loads of things, we really seemed to have very similar views on things which was great - A really beautiful person. I also met Sam, Racheal's fiancé who is not only gorgeous but has a wicked sense of humour.

Better the devil you know?
Rachel Marie, Me and Leyla

Great to meet Rachel (Marie) as we'd chatted quite a bit online, it was her first time out and I think she did amazingly well.

There were too many of us to get in to one taxi but Racheal (Veddetta) offered us a lift back as Kalli was driving (Thank you Kalli, gorgeous and generous). All in all, another fab night with the special bonus of meeting some great people. I should really write these a bit quicker, it seems to take me ages to get the words down, how can you ever have time if you never make time?

Hugs Jenn xox

Monday, 22 October 2007

Annual Midlands Tranny Get-together

The Goldern err, well it's a ticket

First of all a big thank you to Julie, Lesley and anyone else that helped make it happen, it was great. Tamzin, Stacey, Lucy, KyRa and Claire, thanks for letting me get changed and leaving stuff in your room.

Well, it was a fantastic event, I got there around 2ish and got changed in Room 22, Sarah North had a spare bed in her room at the overspill hotel which was a couple of miles away, she gave me a call when she was ready. Luckily Lucy agreed to come over in the car (map reading) with me, I wasn't entirely sure where I was supposed to be going to be honest. We got there only having to do one u-turn thanks to Lucy's excellent map reading. We ordered a taxi back to the AMTG venue, the taxi driver wasn't very talkative for some reason.

We went up to Room 22 for a cheeky drink and some people did a outfit change, I think Stacey did about 17 outfit changes during the day and evening, more on that later.

Me - Broke the window
hehe - Lucy had an accident, oops

After a few drinks and some more pictures back down in the bar we decided to get changed in to our evening wear.
KyRa and Jenny
KyRa helping me get ready

Stacey did a wonderful job of lacing up my corset and tidying the excess cordage away which semi foxed Sarah when she came to undo it after the party for me. There were loads of balloons decorating the venue which seemed to be filled with helium, some how a couple managed to get passed to me from undisclosed sources. I think there's a limited amount of fun you can have with helium filled balloons but we seemed to make the most of it, I did ask Julie and Lesley not to tell the organisers.

KyRa and Jenny
Preparing to release it into the wild

Whilst in the longest cue for food after exhausting my helium supplies I decided to release it back in to the wild in the usual manner for doing such things with balloons, blowing them up as much as you can and releasing them! This would have been a successful mission if it hadn't been a homing balloon or as they are some times known, a boomerang balloon as it returned to us on a number of occasions after it's fleeting flights.

The food was excellent however my eyes were slightly bigger than my belly (as I was wearing a corset) but I did manage to eat the majority of it. The singer was fab, great makeup, but most importantly she had lovely shoes and the were a perfect fit.
I know they don't go with my outfit

There were prizes handed out, for the quiz "T-Girls Aloud" (Tamzin, Stacey, Lucy and Claire) won, Stacey also won the best dressed prize for her various outfits. There were loads of other prizes too. After all the dancing (not me, I'm rubbish) and music finished, Sarah and I ordered a taxi back to the hotel, again it was a quiet taxi ride hehe.

It was a great event and would do it again.
Hugs Jenn x

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Flickr Update...

Well after sending my message to Flickr and requesting them to reassess my account I received this from them:

We appreciate you moderating the content in your
I've classified your account as "public"/"safe".
Please keep the Flickr Community Guidelines in mind when
moderating your images in the future.

Wooohooo! I'm safe and not Jenn the Ripper any more! I have to give Leyla credit for the pun, she classed herself as Jane the Ripper when she was deemed unsafe.

Big Kisses,
Jenn XX

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Flickr Moderation!

Recently I noticed that I'd been deemed "UNSAFE" by Flickr, I was as you can imagine slightly surprised by this as there's nothing dodgy there whatsoever. Here's my review request message I've posted to them:

I've been through all of my pictures and set the content level appropriately. There is absolutely no nudity or anything of that nature within my photos, I've set my default level to Moderate (Obviously this isn't an option currently as I'm unsafe) but have specifically assigned the Restricted category to a select few.

The majority of my photos are for friends only to view therefore not in the public domain, where they are posted in public groups they are certainly not out of place there and would not offend Uncle Bob (I think I've seen some pictures of him there).

I feel I am abiding by the Flickr Community Guidelines now however if this is not the case if you could give me some specific examples and explanations of why my pictures are inappropriate/unsafe that would be a great help.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards
Jenny Ford

I'm hoping this will be resolved and was a misunderstanding on their part, if it was purely because I'm a tranny, tv, t-girl, call it what you will then it's edging upon discrimination which is a road I really don't want to go down.

Fingers crossed.
Jenn x

Saturday, 13 October 2007


There's an online test that you can fill out which will give you an indication of where you are on the transgender scale from bloke to babe, it's the Combined Gender Identity and Transsexuality Inventory (COGIATI). I completed it a while back but thought I'd do it again having been reminded of it's existence on Tranny International (TINT) by a post in the forum.

So here's the results:
Your COGIATI result value is: 70 Which means that you fall within the following category:


What this means is that the Combined Gender Identity And Transsexuality Inventory has classified your internal gender identity to be essentially androgynous, both male and female at the same time, or possibly neither. In some cultures in history, you would be considered to be a third sex, independent of the polarities of masculine or feminine. Your gender issues are intrinsic to your construction, and you will most likely find your happiness playing with expressing both genders as you feel like it.

Suggestions For Action:
Your situation is a little tricky in our current society, but not tremendously so, depending on your geographic location.
The suggestions for your circumstance are not overly complicated.

  1. If you have any comfortability about your gender expression, some slight degree of counseling might well prove helpful. The primary goal would be to make it possible for you to enjoy your gender expressions free from any shame or embarrassment, and to resolve any remaining questions you might have.

  2. As an androgynous being, both genders, and both sexes are natural to your expression. Permanent polarization in either direction might bring significant unhappiness. It is not recommended that you go through a complete transsexual transformation. You might find a partial transformation of value, if you find yourself more attracted overall to the feminine. You are more likely a transgenderist, than a transsexual. It is recommended that you recognize that your gender issues are real, but that extreme action regarding them should be viewed with great caution.

  3. If you have not already, consider joining any of the thousands of groups devoted to gender play of various varieties. There is literally a world of friends to discover who share your interests. There are also publications, vacations, and activities that would expand your gender play.
So there you have it, I'm androgynous at least in my head. Not entirely surprising, I'm a Gemini after all - hehe.

Having read a few bits and bobs about COGIATI, it's not highly regarded as being an exact science and I certainly found myself having to think about the questions with a what are they trying to achieve here perspective. It's not far off for me I don't think but some other people that tried it on TINT seemed to have mixed results.

Hugs Jenn x

Monday, 8 October 2007

Out in Brumlington

After speaking to Tamzin over the weekend (before this week) we decided it would be good to go out, initially it was going to be Wednesday however it ended working out a bit better for Tamzin and Chloe with it being a Thursday so I met Chloe at hers and we both got ready and much to her surprise I didn't get changed loads of times (cheeky, ahem) before finally deciding. I'd cunningly forgotten my shaving gel so had to borrow Chloe's, this was actually Dove Soap (that's not soap but is, but isn't but is!) which worked really well so I will be getting some for myself methinks. Chloe and I took some pics before we when out.
Hmm, do blonds have more fun?
What could I be thinking?

Seeing as Chloe'd always driven before I drove so she could have a couple of drinks as I would have to drive home later anyway, this was the first time we'd actually gone out already fully dressed which was quite novel. We got to The Loft at our arranged time of 9:00, previously it'd been pretty quiet around there but it was a lot busier not that it was a problem. Chloe and I got some drinks and found a couple of seats which happened to be in the restaurant area but was all we could find, during which I'd been sending a text to Tamzin to let her know we'd arrived which actually went to a completely different friend, still not realising when they responded with a "You're where?" I happily replied saying where we were to which they kindly suggested I'd sent the message to the wrong person! Oops!

A fashionable entrance by Tamzin, Stacey and Lucy which Chloe and I thought was a Tranny training exercise for us to see how we coped - I'm sure that wasn't the case, however conspiracy theories are good fun. After a drink, Lucy decided that seeing as neither Chloe or I had been to the Village (another gay bar) we would go there which was just around the corner so no big deal, we were told that we wouldn't be the only Trannys in the Village, hehe.

After a brief search of our handbags (assume for dildos and lube) we were allowed in, Lucy kindly bought me a drink (thanks Lucy) and we all attempted to chat over possibly some of the worst Karaoke I've ever heard - this is certainly an achievement as I went to quite a few Karaoke nights whilst working aboard. As it turned out, we were the only Trannys in the Village apart from the compare (is that the correct spelling? Please let me know) although she was described as a cock in a frock which some how was an excellent description on many levels.

Tamzin, KyRa, if you could send me any pics that'd be great to put them up here and until then:
And I'm off...

We decided we'd had enough of the wailing and screeching and headed back up the road to the Loft, literally walking up the road, well a cycle path and as you can imagine appropriate jokes flowed from there mostly from KyRa, hehe.

Lucy said that she'd like to do a Poker night at some point with T-Girls only so I need to learn how to play Poker, need to go learn then practice now otherwise I'm going to get hustled and loose my car or worse, my heels!

Hugs Jenn x

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

All Hallows Eve and stuff

It's all been planned and booked, we're going to BNO again on 27th Oct which also coincides with Leyla's Birthday so it should be a good night but leaves one question: What to wear? I've been thinking about it for a while and came up with an idea which had/has potential, I gathered the required bits and put it together at the weekend and took some pics. Heath Robinson would have been proud of my efforts as I've yet to get a tripod and a remote for my camera I had to jury rig something, my camera was precariously balanced resting on some sunglasses to get the right angle whilst hooked up to my computer so I could take a sequence of shots controlled by the computer. This may sound very impressive but I can assure you it wasn't.

Hmmm, are you sure?
Thoughts on the outfit?

Anyway, back to the subject matter: This is what I was proposing for Halloween, thoughts and comments are very welcome - good or bad. I was slightly disappointed with the corset as one of the eyelets has come apart upon wearing it for the first time which I'm quite annoyed about, I've not had any response from the company regarding the problem either! :o(

While I was in the mood, I took a few more pictures in various outfits, some new and some old.
Let your hair up once in a while
Let your hair up once in a while

I think this is possibly one of the best photo's of me, a complete fluke if you ask me. There are more pics and they'll get uploaded to my Flickr photostream as an when I get round to rotating, cropping and resizing them, should be a new one up most days hopefully.

A shampoo and condition of my wig is certainly on the cards as when I put it on it wasn't smelling the best, I'm not entirely sure why it's got so bad as every time I've been out it's not been smokey as the smoking ban (woohoo) has been in place. Whilst on the subject of wigs I've been considering moving towards my natural hair colour for a wig (which is brown), I'm going to hopefully try Chloe's to see what I think.

This week I came across an article on the Times online Wardrobe Mistress blog which is a question from a lady: Clip-on earrings with the wow factor? which had a great link to a site as they describe as specializing in jewellery for the transvestite community - Danglybitz is certainly worth a look if you're looking for some clip-on earrings, their site is a little 90's but seems to work.

Oh I added a new quote on the right too, is it a quote when I make it up/adapt it? Answers on a postcard.

Hugs Jenn xox

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Big Nite Out - 14th Sept

Ok, this has taken me way to long to get around to writing but here it is... Finally:

Terri, Lucy and I drove up from London to the Campanille Hotel which is situated across the road from the Pink Punters Club, once checked in I caught up with Chloe as we were sharing a room together. After a quick nap, shower and shave we got some food in the restaurant, I bumped in to Rihanna which was great as I'd not seen her since London when we went to the Way Out Club.

We went back to the room and we started getting ready, Chloe gave me some tips on getting a nice close shave (greatly needed, thanks) while I was hacking at my face. By the time I was finished Chloe pretty much had most things sorted out which left me rushing to catchup/get ready which wasn't a good idea as it just made me mess things up and take even longer. I'd pre-decided what I was going to wear which was black heels, white over the knee socks, tartan mini and a black blouse which when I'd got it all on decided I didn't feel comfortable in it so got changed. I finally decided on black leggings, a denim micro-mini and a black punky fish t-shirt with my faithful red heels.

I made my way down to the bar to hopefully meet everyone as they were thinking of heading over to the club before it started to charge. Luckily they were all still in the bar as was Chloe as I'd told her to head out without me while I resolved my dilemma, a drink was certainly needed.

After a drink in the bar we headed over to Pink Punters which obviously entailed negotiating the Tranny Assault course (see previous BNO entry) on the way. The club wasn't too busy, must have been because it was a Friday, there were quite a few familiar faces I recognised which was great and tried to talk to most people I knew. Everyone was fantastic and friendly and I was having a great time, I'm certainly becoming more comfortable out and about which is great.

Lucy (instigator), Rihanna and Terri decided to have a deep-throat competition with an empty bottle, I'm not sure who the winner was but it was certainly entertaining to watch especially some of the disapproving looks.

Another Lucy now... this time from the OutSkirts group from Birmingham, it was really great to meet her and have a good chat along with KyRa and Chloe, hopefully catch up soon with KyRa and Lucy as they've been out in London since and I want the hear all about it.

Later in the night we decided it'd be a great idea to go dance, the music on the middle floor had turned towards the R'n'B persuasion so we headed to the basement where it was more dance music. The best part about the basement is that they've got poles littered about that you can swing around to your heart's content, it would have been rude not to have a bit of a go, wouldn't it?
A lucky pole or a lucky girl?
Swinging with the best of them

I certainly hadn't gotten any worse at dancing from the previous night but hadn't got much better either although dancing when your feet aren't killing you certainly makes it a darn sight easier and at times I almost had rhythm for about a beat.

Another great night had by all I think.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

On the town in Soho

So Becky, Lucy, Terri and I were all made up when we left the studio, it was great fun driving through London to the hotel, Lucy was certainly enjoying being out. When we got to the hotel the car park was somewhat crampt, I could have parked my car however I wouldn't have been able to get out of any of the doors so we reluctantly put our cars in a NCP car park 5 mins walk down the road.

On the walk back, with Beckie and Nicky (in drab) a girl on the other side of the road shouted out in a great cockney accent "That woman's a Geeeeza!", Beckie seemed to relish the attention and made me laugh, it also made me think... Yeah, so what I'm a guy in a dress but I'm having fun and why shouldn't I show it (thanks Beckie). I think you've got to have a certain sense of realism at the end of the day and if you go out thinking you're not going to be clocked you're just setting yourself up for a fall.

We finally got to our rooms with 15 mins to get ready before meeting in the bar down stairs, not a major problem as everything was pretty much done anyway but was a nice time to get some weight off my feet.

Lucy and I made our way down to the bar to find no-one there so decided to go back up and knock on their doors, there was a lift already there with and a guy waiting to go up so we thought we'd wait for another one but then his head popped out of the lift and said there was space in the lift (eeek, lol). We reluctantly entered the lift, he was pretty wasted but complimented us both and wished us a good night as he exited at his floor. Lucy thought she heard Becky exiting the other lift at ground floor as ours closed so we'd made the trip up to the top and down for no reason, this wasn't the last of the fun with lifts as later on this happened again a couple of times.

After a drink in the bar we got a taxi but not before some more fun in lifts like ships passing in the night. It was decided that we were to go out and get some food at a restaurant - Bella Pasta, in what I think was Soho (I could be wrong), I'm not sure I've laughed so much in a taxi before). We had to walk for a bit to the restaurant, even though it was a Thursday the streets were full of people, ordinarily I would have felt completely out of place but Beckie and Terri's confidence had enveloped me.
Beckie and Terri in the Taxi
Beckie and Terri in the Taxi on the way to Soho

The meal was also full of laughter but with the addition of Champagne which was freely flowing along with numerous toasts to one thing or another throughout the course of the meal, I say meal in the loosest term as most of us only had a starter . We were also joined by SilverVoice from TrannyInternational, a true gentlemen. We finished our meals and as we'd drunk them out of Champagne we decided to head to a club.
Lucy and Beckie
Lucy and Beckie on our way to the bar

So out again on the streets of Soho we said our goodbyes to SilverVoice and headed to G-A-Y bar, Terri or Beckie (I can't remember which) protested to a search on entry to the bar as they were "Layyydeee's". It was reasonably busy in there which was good, after a drink Nicky parted company with us and headed home leaving us girls to our own devices. Lucy and I did a bit of dancing, well Lucy did and I moved my body in the most uncoordinated and non-rhythmic manner people had seen in a gay club, my feet hurting from my shoe's didn't make it any easier so I had a sit down.
Lucy and I
Lucy and I in the club

A bit later, Beckie (our guide) decided it was a good time to head to another club, we had a look round for Terri but she'd disappeared unfortunately so it was now just the three of us. We went to G-A-Y club which was not really very busy but was good fun all the same, we got our pics taken with a random girl who was quite lovely as I remember. The club was in three sections and as Beckie described it: camp, camper and dance music, it was an old theatre I vagely remember. Lucy was determined to get me dancing but by this stage my feet were killing me so my terrible attempts at the previous venue looked positively professional in comparison.

We left the club about 2ish and made our way to a cafe to have a coffee before catching a taxi back to the hotel, upon entering the cafe I heard from behind us "That's what I'm talking about! You're in Soho!". While we were waiting for our drinks, a coffee of some description which was very nice incidentally a girl behind us got my attention and asked me where I'd got my shoes from as she thought they were great (I didn't tell her that they were killing me) this was certainly a highlight of the evening for me. We sat down outside with our drinks and chatted about the evening. Once we were all finished we made our way to a main road and flagged down a taxi, well Beckie ran out in front of the taxi which certainly worked. An excellent night, probably my best tranny experience yet and one I hope to repeat, thanks Beckie, Terri and Nicky for looking after us.

Jenn x

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

TINT Makeover Shoot

The TINT Shoot:
What's this all about? Well, I'm a member of the site Tranny International and there's been much talk about them doing a makeover video, I was invited to go along by the organisers to document the day by taking photographs of the action, so now you know here's all about it:

Lucy and I got up at some silly hour I choose not to remember - it wasn't actually that early but I hate getting up in the morning so anytime before double digits is horrid in my opinion so that's why I'm not too keen on weekdays in general.

Anyway, we got down to the studio's without a hitch, ok we went wrong once which I think is fine considering I'm from the Shire and not used to more than single track lanes.

T-Girl Make-Over Crew
The TINT Tee

Beckie and Nicky turned up shortly after we got there and started getting everything ready, Nicky kept producing more and more food from what appeared to be an endless supply - Well you've got to keep your energy levels up haven't you?

Martin the studio owner had already got it all setup for the shoot and had his camera setup on a tripod already, I at this point got a serious case of camera envy but he is a professional photographer with a valid justification to have such kit.
The hardware
Camera Hardware - video and stills

Leyla turned up with an amazing amout of video equipment which included two video cameras, one being a big on the shoulder kind, a very sturdy tripod and a set of lights with stands and spangerly umbrellas, this is just what I saw and I'm not quite sure how she managed to carry it all.
Studio Panorama
The studio

Terry the makeup artist had also arrived and produced a gargantuan amount of makeup, I wouldn't know where to start with it all to be honest, even with a little more knowledge on these things from during the shoot.
Terry's Makeup beforeMakeup brushes
Terry's Makeup before the shoot

After everyone had arrived and signed all appropriate paperwork (Beckie had thought of everything - with a little/lot of help from Nicky) we started filming the first model, Lucy was going to be our natural look model. The way it worked was that Martin would take a photo at the start and in between all the stages of the makeup and one at the end with the finished product, during the process Leyla would be filming how everything was being done - I'm sure you could have guessed that.

Kyle (the hair-piece professional) turned up about halfway through Lucy's makeup being done with a whole array of wigs, he had fantastic hair and a fab Welsh accent - I'd spent a year working in Cardiff so had grown fond of the Welsh accent. When Terry was finished doing the makeup Kyle was up with Lucy putting on and styling various wigs, with a blur of hands - a few moments later the wig was completely transformed in to a different style. At one point Beckie and I looked at each other open mouthed totally in awe.
Kyle doing amazing stuff with hair
Kyle in action - Woooosh

Then the process started again with Terri (not to be confused with Terry the makeup artist) but this time the look was going to be more going out/glamorous. As Terry was getting close to finishing what he needed to do Beckie came and asked if I'd like to be made over by Terry too (off camera) for going out later, I obviously thought this would be great and jumped at the chance so went to have a shave and get changed.
A hard life being a model ;)
Filming Terry's makeover

Terry made me up while Terri was getting her hair done by Kyle, it took a few minutes for him to make me over which was great fun although I couldn't see what he was doing, made me think that if a professional makeup artist takes this long to do my makeup then I should probably be taking about 15-20 to do mine ;o). I will certainly have to watch the video when it's done to get some makeup tips.

Beckie also got made up by Kyle while the models were getting their final shots taken by Martin having rearranged the studio. The final products of Lucy and Terri were amazing, they both looked absolutely gorgeous!
Terri working it
Terri working it for the cameras

Both Beckie and I got had a couple of shots taken by Martin too which was great (Thank you). After all the filming was complete we had celebratory cake and Champagne.
Cake and Champagne
Mmmmm Cake and Champagne

Thanks to everyone involved but most of all to Beckie and Nicky for organising it all and for letting me be a part of it, it was a great day.

We were all made up, looking pretty, what's a girl to do? To be continued...

Hugs Jenn x
Jenny TINT Makeover Crew

The night before the shoot

Chloe had kindly offered for us (Lucy and I) to go around to hers the night before as she's in Brumlington (Birmingham), it would be easier to get on the M1 from there for the trip down to London, so I got there after a fleeting visit back home to get my stuff into the car and got myself to Chloe's.

We made our way to Birmingham New Street to meet Lucy's train and after a couple of txts and a phone call we were all together and on our way back to Chloe's. Once there, we got on to getting changed and I did a spot of waxing on Lucy's legs, she wasn't too keen to do it at first but she did it in the end and after the first strip had been whipped off she said it wasn't too bad after all. Lucy said I was enjoyed doing the waxing just a little bit too much, hehe... it's good fun.
3/4 (Hair)Shorts
Lucy's 3/4 (hair) trousers - Sorry Lucy I had to post it.

Chloe got ready in super quick time and started on getting the food done while we were sorting ourselves out, a few minutes later we were all ready and having a great meal produced by Chloe who incidentally would make an excellent housewife - I've already put in a subscription to House Wife magazine or the like for her. ;o)
The perfect housewife?
Chloe: The perfect Housewife?

The wine was flowing as was the conversation on various subjects, an excellent night and start to our 3 day Tranny stint. More to follow...

Hugs Jenn. x

Friday, 7 September 2007

In the wilderness...

After my last outing with Chloe and taken a few photos when we got back to hers, I decided I needed to sort out my tan lines as my upper arms were quite white so my mission was to rectify this problem.

The day started off looking a little dull which would have scuppered my plans however as the day continued it started to brighten up and by the time I finished work the sun was fully ablaze. I quickly made my way home and got my bits together, put my combat style mini skirt on, a sleeveless black top by Roxy (Quiksilver) and did my foundation. I put on some trousers and a hoody for leaving the house.

I got halfway to Church Stretton and pulled over and did the rest of my makeup, took my trousers and hoody off and made sure my hair was straight. Now making my way to not the usual Cardingmill Valley but to Ash's Hollow (which I know reasonably well) where I parked the car up for a speedy get away in mind. Walking up the road as naturally as I could (swinging my hips etc) took me past a farm house which is now used by the owners of the campsite there, this was quite nerve wrecking for two reasons: This was my first time out in daylight and on my own (eeeek!), I didn't encounter anyone getting to the path I knew wouldn't have many people on - which was a great relieve to me.

When I got halfway up the first part of the path I got my camera out and took a few pics, the sun was shining beautifully, not much of a breeze either, the perfect day.

Tranny in the wilderness
Jenny out in the wilderness

As I made my way up to the road at the top, I only passed a couple of people on the way up, or rather they passed me - luckily I was taking photos at the time so I could hide behind my camera and turn my back on them. It was really nice being out being dressed and a great opportunity to work on my walk in flat shoes, I decided at this point that I was going to walk back down the the valley and not the way I'd come up, this was a little more risky as it's a more frequented route. I walked along the road at the top, a few cars passed by but no one seemed to notice or pull any funny faces as they went past.

As I got down in to the valley a bit I decided to do a spot of typical tranny photography, however the only ones that came out were the arm length self portraits, I'll have to make sure I manually focus on the point I'm going to be at and set the self timer next time - you live and learn eh. As I got to the bottom of the valley I put my hooded cardigan on to cover my arms as I don't think they look as feminine as they should, a few mins later I came around the corner to see a family up ahead. There was no way around them I had to walk past which I did and was totally clocked by the daughter who pulled a kind of eeek face, with my confidence wounded I carried on only then realising that I would have to negotiate 3 stiles and walk through a campsite, it was way too far to walk all the way back round and I wouldn't want to walk past the family again. So I pressed forwards, I don't think there's a lady like way to make your way over a stile in a mini-skirt even when it's in a combat style, I can't see the women in the military wearing these in the field although I think the men would like it more that way as they'd probably get some interesting views. I made my way over the stiles as best I could whilst trying maintain my modesty and people in the vicinity a nasty shock, luckily there weren't many people in the campsite and everyone that I was visible to didn't seem to notice I was there (phew) so I made my way back to the car and made my getaway.

I stopped again in the lay-by I had done on the way, took off my makeup and got changed back in to my usual drab. It had been a lovely afternoon only slightly tainted by passing the family (or not passing as the case may be) towards the end.

Jenn x

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

OutSkirts II

I'm going to have to stop counting at some point I know, it's still novel to me and the first sequel is certainly worth a II in my books. I'm not feeling overly creative, writing wise today so if it's a bit bland, I'm sorry!

So, I met Chloe at her house again after work so we could go to the Outskirts meet. We decided to do our foundation at hers before going out to save time when we got there, only having to do blusher, eye makeup and our lips. Chloe slightly over did the powder on her face which left her looking a little ghostly, this was easily rectified with a quick flick with her blusher brush to take off the excess. We got all our bits together and headed to the pub where the OutSkirts people meet, I was going to call it a group but I thought that sounded like it was something for people with a problem. This is certainly not what OutSkirts is, everyone's really friendly and supportive.

Chloe and I quickly headed to the toilets to get changed (rummer has it that they will be in the private room next time I go which will be a bit nicer, not that it's much of a problem how it is) we both quickly got changed and started on our makeup, a lovely girl (genetic) came in while we were putting our finishing touches together and was most complimentary and friendly. Oh almost forgot, I wore my green Billabong dress, flip-flops and a black hooded cardigan. Chloe's still not sure about my green flip-flops but she's wrong, they're great! ;)
Green dress
Photos taken back at Chloe's

We spoke various people again, some new to us and some we'd met before, It was nice to meet Sally this time having corresponded with her by email, I was pleased when she informed me that they'd like to use my first experiences of OutSkirts on their website. I was slightly jealous of Sally as she's got a Canon 20D, she was taking a few shots of various people.

Like last time we went to The Loft and had a drink there, it seems there will be quite a few of us at the Big Nite Out on the 14th. Every time I go out I feel slightly less nervous and self-conscious, I'm sure I'll have a knock back at some point but it's going well at the mo (touch wood), maybe I shouldn't tempt fate? Anyway, Chloe and I said our fair-wells and headed back to hers, we took a few pics when we got back and while Chloe was looking through them I got changed and took my makeup off.

Once again, a most enjoyable evening and great to meet everyone.
Hugs Jenn x

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

The TINT project

Last Thursday went fine, I had the whole of treatment 1 done. I realised halfway through the zapping that it wasn't the light was green but the glasses I was made to wear were thus giving the zapping process an evil lightning look (and feel). There were points where it did get a little painful, mostly where the hair's thicker but Pat turned it down a notch which helped. She said the hairs would fall out about a week afterwards, I'll let you know.

I'm now thinking what to wear for BNO I'm not sure whether to get something new, wear something I've already got or go in school uniform as it's the start of term .

I will be going down to London the day before to help Beckie from Tranny International with a project she's doing which basically is a makeover DVD which shows and explains the whole process from start to finish. Beckie did ask if I would like to be one of the models however I declined as I don't think I'm confident enough for the exposure (certainly at the moment with only having gone out a couple of times). I will be taking still photos to document the process and back up the video that will be taken, I'm really looking forward to it as I'll not only be taking photos but dressed for most of that day and the next until I leave the hotel on Saturday morning which will be great.

Think I'm going to wear my green Billabong dress on Thursday, for the drive up on Friday, I think I'll wear my suit. Like I said earlier, I'm not sure what to wear on the night.

Hugs x

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Opportunities or lack there of...

Well, I went last Thursday for my appointment for the IPL, it was the first one so it was mostly a Q & A session to tick boxes and sign my life away (I hope not!) basically to cover against legal action if something goes wrong (I should really stop saying that). I had a tester done to make sure it I didn't react badly to it, which I didn't so I've got another appointment this Thursday (tomorrow) for the full treatment this time. It's not really painful, it just feels like you're hairs are being zapped. It's quite fun in an odd way, it's like a green flash so it could be something out of an evil film.

I'm currently trying to work out what to put with my green Billabong dress to cover my shoulders, I'm thinking either a white or black shrug. I've got a white crocheted poncho type thing that I'll have to see if it goes. I'd like to keep the kinda surfy feel to the outfit, maybe just a jacket? Thoughts welcome, please help me!

It's a bit annoying at the moment as I can't get dressed at home because my brother's staying with me at the moment. I'll feel better in a couple of weeks after BNO on the 14th of Sept, just a bit frustrating at the moment. On a more positive note though my nails are looking pretty good now, although I think I need to shorten them as they're getting to the point where they're just a little too long not to get noticed. I'd love to have them as long as I like but it comes back to one of my previous posts so I'll not repeat myself.

Well that's about it for now.
Hugs Jenny xox

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Appointment, imminent...

I've got my appointment at the salon tomorrow, I'm looking forward to it but apprehensive at the same time. I'm sure I'll be fine and I have nothing to be concerned about, I think my brain's just a little too active sometimes, certainly not in a constructive way (unfortunately).

I've been growing my nails for the past few weeks, I had to trim them at the weekend a little as they were getting a little long. I started off with having them rounded but I've shaped them with a square end now which looks a bit more unisex so I get less funny looks now. I'd love to grow them longer but I think I care what people think a bit too much, it comes back to the Be yourself quote again. Something I've got to accept sooner or later is that as Jenny I'm not going to fit in to our current society as it stands and always be accepted, I know there are tranny friendly venues etc but day to day living is slightly different. I couldn't just go in to work tomorrow in a skirt, blouse, heels and full makeup could I?

Anyway, I had a good weekend despite Jenn being left out, caught up with a couple of uni friends and pretty much picked up where we left off a few years back which was pretty good, I do however have grazes on my elbow from falling off a mountainboard, it was worth it though.

Will let you know how it goes tomorrow.
Jenn x

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Resources and an idea

I came across a few really useful resources today that I thought I'd share:
  • Lauren Scarlet's Makeup guide: It's a great guide orientated towards trannies, it's not 100% complete at the moment but it's certainly worth having a read of with some great tips.
  • iVillage figure flatterer: This is full of useful tips of what things to and what not to wear. I concentrated on the Boyish Figure and Wide Shoulders sections although a read of some of the other's is certainly worth while. After reading this I approached shopping in a very different way, looking at what would flatter my figure rather than what I thought looked sexy, probably closer to how GG's (Genetic Girls) look around shops to be honest.
On a completely different subject, I'm thinking of doing a long weekend for Jenny in the next few months, not quite sure what, where or how yet. Any suggestions or recommendations let me know.

Hugs Jenny x

Tuesday, 7 August 2007


I rushed out of work like a cat on fire (sorry cat lovers, the image made me giggle - I wouldn't like to see the reality of that) much like last time when I went to see Chloe for out Makeover with Sara and Sal. The only difference being, I actually made it to Chloe's house without having to call her up for directions on my final approach.

A much needed sandwich was made for me (thank you Chloe) and we chatted for a bit and then decided to get our bits together which gave me the perfect opportunity to show her my new bits and bobs, mostly I think she approved bar my green flip-flops which I'll discuss later. I then had a shave and sorted myself out, putting in contacts etc. Once we had got all our bits together in a bag which looked almost as though we were going to storm the embassy due to it's size, we were going in our usual drab and getting changed there.

Chloe drove to the OutSkirts meet as she knows the area and I've not really got a Scooby Doo (clue) where I'm going in Brumlington, it's held at the Victoria Theatre Bar in John Bright Street, Birmingham city centre, at the back of the Alexandra Theatre for you information. A link can be found on the right in the links section. Before going I'd emailed Sally to ask her for any information I might need which actually turned out to be not much as it's pretty much covered on the website but it was nice to make contact before turning up, as luck might have it she wasn't going to be about that evening but she said Larna would be. We parked up and entered the pub and Larna greeted us and pointed us in the right direction to get changed, most people were already dressed to impress. I think it's the fastest I've ever got myself ready, Chloe and I finished getting ready pretty much at the same time, we stowed our surplus bits to the sports bag and made our entrance! I was wearing my new white linen skirt, pink wide necked jumper and my pink heels (I couldn't stop myself from wearing them ). This was Chloe's first time out, I think she was less nervous than I was, I got us some drinks from the bar (a glass of wine each) and we had an excellent chat with Larna. She gave us some really useful advice and really made us feel welcome. We chatted with a few people, Julie let us know about the Annual Midlands Tranny Get-Together which she and Lesley are organising, (Sha)Kira and Tamzin were also great to talk to.

After another drink (soft this time as we were both driving later) we were invited to a bar over towards the village, the name escapes me at the moment. Chloe and I made our way back to the car which was across the road in the multi-story car park, we followed Tamzin and Kira to the other pub eventually finding a parking space. Chloe was worried about driving in heels but managed perfectly, we had to walk for about a minute to get to the pub, it was really nice being out in the real world as my previous experiences had all been in Tranny specific venues.

Just talking to my invisible friend in the chair
Me at the Loft

We arrived at the bar greeted by Kira who kindly got us both a drink (thank you :D), everyone else from OutSkirts were sitting in the back, Tamzin, Kira and (to my surprise) Chloe decided to sit in the window. I was initially uncomfortable with this but it was fine as the street wasn't too busy and I think it was a gay bar or at least gay friendly. Larna joined us a few minutes later, we had a great time joking and laughing about various things however it came to light that Chloe had some issues with flip-flops which explained her cool reception to my (beautiful) green flip-flops . Everyone seemed to have a live for today story which certainly made me think, on that train of thought I probably should have been here years ago. Tamzin thought we should get some pics so we went outside in to the garden and had a mini-photoshoot (Thank you Tamzin).
Chloe and I @ the Loft
Chloe and I at the Loft, check out Chloe's grin

It was around 1:30am by this time, I still had to drive home from Chloe's house so we took ourselves back to the car accompanied by wolf-whistles and beckons which we ignored. We got back, I got changed and took my makeup off while Chloe tried on some of her new purchases while she was still looking good. I thanked Chloe for the great night and got myself on the road, arriving home about 2:45ish I was greeted by a message from Selena which was the icing on an already very sweet cake.

Thank you to everyone that made us feel welcome, hope to see you again soon.

I had very heavy eyes all day at work however it was countered by a huge smile thinking about the experience.

Sunday, 5 August 2007

New Hair

I've been trying to decide between these styles of wig, I'm thinking of getting another one, anyway here they are:
Option 1:

Option 2:

I think my only reservation is that the Option 2 is quite a flat style so I'm worried it won't suit my face. Oh decisions decisions!

Right, got to sort out what I'm wearing tomorrow as I'm going straight from work.

Jenn x

Shopping... yey!

I had a quick shopping expedition yesterday and my mission was to find something to wear for going to Outskirts tomorrow (Monday) night with Chloe. The look I'm looking for is summer, casual, something you'd wear out to the pub of the like. The idea I'd had was to get one of those white linen long skirts and something to go with it. That was the plan.

I also had a top to take back to Top Shop as it was too small, I can usually get in to an 8 but it was certainly too small, ah well, not a problem. So I went there first to take it back, the girl behind the desk asked "Was there anything wrong with it" and I explained it was too small! I didn't say who it was too small for . So that was done, and I had my mission so had a look in Primark for said items which they had some of, good start. I spotted a nice white skirt in my size but in true girly fashion (no pun intended) decided to search other shops first.

Pilot's great, it always seems to have a few clearance racks. I had pre-decided that I wasn't going to get anything pink, one of the tops I already had had green in it which I was looking for something to go under it so I thought a green based halterneck would work well with that. I found this in Pilot for £3, bargain I thought! And it wasn't pink! woohoo, I'm making progress. I made my way back to Primark after visiting a few other shops deciding I'd get the skirt (thinking I should have just got it in the first place) and have a look at other tops there, I'd been thinking that the boob tubes with halterneck ties might look good, I found one in black in my size but couldn't find one in white.

On the way back to the car I walked past Accesorize and noticed some green flip-flops for half price, I checked they were had them in my size, which they did so I got them. I really like them.

Although I thought I'd got most things I needed for Monday, I thought I'd have a look through the items in TK-Max. There were a few things I liked the look of, there were a few lovely ball dresses however I couldn't think of an occasion I'd have to wear them so moved on to more appropriate things. I got myself a slightly larger handbag and casual handbag than the one I'd already got and I came across a lovely green Billabong dress.

Once I'd got home, I had to head straight out as I was already late so I didn't have time to try on anything. I got back and tried everything on and came to the conclusion, the black top didn't really work too well and the green halterneck didn't look very good under the other top I had. The green dress wasn't too bad though so not a complete loss. I'm going to have to decide what I'm going to wear tomorrow now, eek. I'm sure I'll find something.

I'd just like to point out, just because I didn't buy anything pink, it doesn't mean I don't like it anymore. I think I'll always like pink. Jenny and pink just seem to go together.

I'll let you know how it goes! I'll get some pics, I'm aware I've not posted any for a while.
Kisses Jenn x

Thursday, 2 August 2007

We've made contact

I spoke to the lady at the salon today about getting IPL done on my chest. You usually need about six sessions separated by 6-8 weeks (I think that's right). She asked if I'd been out in the sun or on sun bed's recently as it's not good to do the IPL if you've been exposed to UV, the process uses light to get rid of the hair but sun changes the pigment in your skin which can create problems. I'm not really sure the full technical reasons but I'm ok as I've not been out in the sun topless this summer. Saying that I was planning on trying to get some colour in my legs over the weekend as I'm finding it hard to separated them from the white tiles in the shower, but so long as I keep my top on I'll be fine. I've got an appointment booked for two weeks today after work which is a little scary but exciting, I'll let you know how it goes.

I read an interesting article today about The Porn Myth. To surmise, it basically talks about the big hoo har in the 80's about porn being available to people, the prediction that there would be all sorts of sexual mayhem and rape. However with the availability of porn now with the internet this seems not to be the case. Worth a read and thinking about.

Comments: You're more than welcome to comment on my posts, all feedback/thoughts are welcome. Let me know what you think.

Kisses Jenn x.

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

A few bits and bobs...

I'm notoriously bad at keeping any form of diary or journal, however I'm going to do my very best to keep this one up to date but more importantly alive! So, if it goes a couple of weeks without an entry, feel free to give me a nudge in the right direction.

I've been thinking about getting some hair removal done, just on my chest and stomach first to see how it goes but ultimately I'm thinking I might get my face done! Eek, I think that will be a big step, I hate having to shave my face so it will certainly be better from that point of view. I was thinking either IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) or Electrolysis, I've put links to the Wikipedia entry's for them if you're not sure what they are, also worth reading is the Wikipedia Hair Removal. I'm still not sure how far I will go with Jenny in terms of going full time or the like, I will have to take it one step at a time and see how I feel along the way, one thing's for sure I will not be having another purge and Jenny will certainly be around from now on. Anyway, I've contacted a salon that I've been recommended so I'll let you know how it goes, if/when I get it done.

Also after the weekend and having spoken to a few other girls, I'm thinking of telling some of my friends as I think it's only fair, admittedly it will only be a select few that I think I can trust but it will be nice to be able to talk to them about it and a little weight lifted.

Ooooh, I just got the cutest top through the post today, it's lovely... I've not a clue what I'm going to wear with it but I've got a few ideas. Ok ok, I'll explain what it's like: It has 3/4 length sleeves which flare at the ends in different lenghts, it's cream with pink (only a little bit), green and white flowers in a gypsy style and can be worn on or off the shoulders. It's pretty see through but luckily the bust has two layers. As you can probably gather that was mostly gleamed from the item description but it's a lot better than I could have done so, shhhh!

I've come to the conclusion I'm quite a girly "girl" from the clothes I like to wear, I'm not even sure it's been a conscious decision but that's how it seems to have turned out so far, who knows I might turn in to an Emo! I do like My Chemical Romance (before The Black Parade) hehe.

This entry's become way too long so I'm going to leave it at that for now.

Sunday, 29 July 2007

The BNO experience...

Wow... I had a great night! I'm obviously talking about the BNO (Big Night Out) at the Pink Punters last night.

From the start... I drove down to Milton Keynes and got there about mid day, Nicky and I were supposed to be going shopping but unfortunately she got held up with work and joined me a bit later by which time I'd been around most of the shops and got the few bits I had wanted to get. Nicky and I went for some food, afterwards I left Nicky to do her shopping as my parking ticket was running out and headed over to the hotel.

Arrived at the Campanile Hotel, as I pulled into the car park there was a t-girl standing outside in the shortest mini-dress and what must have been 5" stiletto boots, if I had any doubt I was at the right place before, it was now gone. I went to reception and booked in uneventfully and was issued my room number, I was a bit tired so I had a Power Nap in preparation for going out.

Nataskia (Natty) turned up and we both got ready, we decided to go down the the hotel bar semi-conservative so I wore my footless tights with my (ridiculously short) denim micro-mini and a red top with my red heels, Nicky was still getting ready at this point. There were quite a few girls down there which was nice, we had a chat over a drink and decided we'd get changed into something slightly more exciting for going over to the club in, I put on my LBD (little black dress), pink shrug with my pink peep-toe shoes. After checking on Nicky's progress Natty was wondering if it was possible to run in her altitude sickness inducing heels so decided to have a go much to my amusement as she sprinted off down the corridor, to describe it would do it no justice as it's something to witness, let's just say I could hardly breath from laughing so much.

After changing Nicky joined us for a drink in the hotel bar again, we chatted to a few other girls there too before heading over to the Pink Punters. This seemed to be some kind of tranny assault course which involved negotiating a ditch, a road, gravel, a hill and some super steep steps. Fortunately we all passed, but it was certainly a close call at times.

Entering the club was something I've not experienced before, even at the WOC (Way Out Club), I think it felt more intimidating than WOC, the middle floor (where we entered) seemed to be populated solely by lesbians and a distinct lack of trannies. We got some drinks and decided to head up stairs which certainly seemed to be the place to be, phew! Natty seemed to know everyone some how, we're not sure how as it was only her second time out too, the first being Sparkle (which I missed). We chatted to a few girls and everyone seemed lovely. Lena was lovely and made an effort to come over and talk to us, although I'm not sure I believe she was 84 as she claimed, hehe.

The toilets were on the ground floor which was two flights below us, it was pretty busy getting to and from the toilets but no-one really seemed to bat an eyelid (which is nice). On my return I got talking to Selena who was really pretty and super convincing, we got on really well finding we had seemingly an infinite amount of things in common. I once again needed the toilet and in true girly fashion went to the toilets together, now I know what girls get up to in the toilets when they go together ;o). During this time Nicky was guarding my handbag (thank you Nicky :oD ) so I felt I should not leave her much longer despite enjoying Selena's company. By this time everyone was getting pretty tired so we decided to end it on a high note, Selena walked with me to the door where we exchanged numbers and a good night peck on the cheek (as girls do).

Natty and I made it safely back to the hotel where Nicky had locked her self out, she called the reception people from our room and got a spare to get back in. We took off our make up and went to sleep, after chatting for a few mins about the night.

We all had a cooked breakfast together in the hotel restaurant and talked for a bit. Thanks Nicky and Natty, it was a great evening, good to see Nicky again and to meet Natty. We'll certainly have to do it again sometime.

Natty posted her experiences here on Tranny International which is worth a read if you're interested in going.

Kisses Jenn x

Friday, 27 July 2007

General Thoughts...

Well, it's been a week or so since I met up with Chloe for the makeover, it still feels like it was yesterday, partly because we had such a fun time. Anyway, this entry's going to be filled with some thoughts I've had over the last few weeks and now I should be up to date with the blog (woo hoo!).

A lovely person sent me a message last week which had the quote:
"Be yourself, because those that matter don't mind and those the mind don't matter"
I've come across this before but it was a great reminder so I thought I'd share it here too as I feel it's something to bear in mind. Especially for me as other peoples opinions are important to me for some reason, possibly for acceptance, who knows but it's something I should be less concerned with I feel as the quote definitely has a point.

I read a great article interviewing Eddie Izzard which addresses some of the things most articles/media don't, here's a link to the article: Eddie Izzard Interview

I'm going down to Milton Keynes tomorrow for some shopping and then out to Pink Punters - The Big Night out tranny night, I'm meeting up with Nicky again and also Nataskia which should be great fun. This will be my first time there, I think it's going to be a lot less nerve wracking than going to the WOC as I've been out a couple of times now. All I've got to worry this time about is what to wear! ;o) Worst case scenario, I'll wear what I wore to WOC which was a little black strapless dress but I'm going shopping with Nicky in MK before hand so I might get something to wear there.

Talking of clothes, I've ordered a few items from ebay recently, it's a really good way to get some excellent clothes for a fraction of what the should cost. Unfortunately, everything I've ordered will be turning up next week so I won't be able to wear it this weekend. Some of the items are pretty casual with the idea of going out shopping dressed some time (probably with Rihanna), that will be slightly scary as it won't be in a tranny environment, I've certainly got to get my confidence up before that will happen. A note to self, "STOP buying pink clothes! There are other colours out there!" lol

Kisses Jenn x

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

The Sal and Sara Makeover

I never know how to start these off so this is probably as good as any, anyway, I was talking to a tranny friend of mine and she mentioned that she was probably going to get a makeover done. I said to her "Wow, it'd be fun to do it together", which looking back was a little cheeky of me but if you don't ask you don't get eh? Luckily she thought it was great idea and asked them if there was space for another to join them, they're a mother daughter team which sounded like it had the potential of working really well.

So nearer the time Chloe sent over her address as we were doing the makeover at hers, I got all my stuff together in a bag and put it in my car ready to go straight from work the night before. My day at work seemed to go really slowly as I was excited (and nervous) about meeting Chloe and having the makeover, home time came and I vacated the premises with haste shooting out the doors ;) I cunningly got some rough directions from the internet that weren't particularly good so I had to give Chloe a call to be guided in - well I am half blond ;)

I knocked on Chloe's door to have it opened silently from within, Chloe was already dressed bar makeup as she wanted to leave a "blank" canvas for the girls to play with. I brought my stuff in, went up stairs, had a shave and put on some jeans, a red t-shirt and my red stilettos. I went down stairs and Chloe and I chatted for a while until we got a knock at the door, Chloe opened the door and let Sal and Sara in.

We all chatted for a few mins and then Sara started making me up while Sal took on Chloe, Sara was great at explaining what she was using and what she was doing and after a few minutes we were both done. We both rushed up stairs (to the mirror) to see the final result and WOW! we both looked great!

Chloe (right) and I posing

We took a few photos, and got changed...
I love this wig

...and took some photos, and got changed...
Work it baby ;)
I think this is a little Natalie Portman from Closer, I'm not sure if that's a good thing as she's playing a stripper.

...and took some photos, and got changed...
I really like this photo

...and took some photos. hehe. Sara was great at giving direction as to what pose to do or sorting out our hair for a shot. There's more pictures on my Flickr page: Jenny Ford Pictures

Big thanks to the girls, their web page can be found here:

Hugs Jenn x

Sunday, 8 July 2007

First time out...

Like I say, I've been dressing on and off since school, always behind closed doors until a couple of weeks ago when I met up with Nicky Derwent and Rihanna in London. I received a message from Nicky saying a few girls were meeting up in London to go out to the Way Out Club and whether I'd like to go? I was shocked and honored that I'd been invited so it would have been rude to turn down such a lovely offer, thanks Nicky!

I had a great weekend, Friday we dressed in the hotel, had a few drinks in the bar and had a meal in the restaurant, I was wearing my corset (underneath) which was a bad idea with the meal in mind. urrrh! lol All in all thought the night was pretty magic ;)

Saturday we went in to London shopping (not dressed), went to Doreen's ( where I got my boobs and a lovely black strapless dress. Doreen's is a bit like Transformation but it's even more relaxed and friendly (and better priced), it's very much just like any other shop that you might walk in to, they had some lovely dresses.

We then went to Oxford street and went in pretty much most of the girls shops there, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, New Look, H&M etc... My feet were killing me by the end of it and I was wearing trainers. Once finished we made our way back to the hotel where I had a quick power nap as I felt cream crackered!

Saturday evening, we all got dressed, had a few drinks at the hotel again, there were also some other trannys there to talk to which helped a lot to put me at ease.
Before going out
Nicky Derwent, Me, Emma and Rihanna

Then we went to the Way Out Club which according to a girl that has been going for SIX years said it was most quiet she'd seen it! I was quite happy with this as I was still a little self conscious. It was great being out and seeing and talking to other people at the club, I think next time I'll talk to a few more people as I'll be slightly less nervous. Nicky was great, a real confidence booster! We had a few drinks and left about 2ish, on the way to the toilets just before we left there was a girl singing "on stage", as I walked past I tripped a little and sent the artist in to laughter. It was quite embarrassing but hey, it was my first time out and I probably would have giggled if I'd seen the same.
Enjoying a drink
Enjoying a Smirnoff Ice ;o)

The taxi dropped us off at the end of the road which meant we had to walk for a couple of mins to get to the hotel (I quite enjoyed this, not sure why). I had a lovely night but thought it was a shame that I had to get undressed and take my make-up off, ah well, all good things must come to an end... I left my nails on until the next day though, I quite enjoy having long nails.

I think going out for the first time is like opening a Pringles tube: "Once you pop, you can't stop!" ;)

Kisses Jenn.x

Saturday, 12 May 2007

To the Shop

Well, I decided to get my self to a tranny shop for some advice etc:

I visited the Birmingham Transformation Shop which was pretty scary, I parked up around the corner and walked along the road up to the shop and kept walking past the shop as I was a bit nervous but plucked up my courage and went up to the door. I opened the outer door and then tried to go through the inner door but it was locked! Eek, a face appeared behind the counter and buzzed me in, phew and I was in!

A guy came out and asked me if I was looking for anything specific and I explained I'd not been there before etc. He was great, offered me a cup of coffee and got straight to work explaining about hip/bottom shapers, breast forms the lot. It was almost a case of information overload, then I was wisked in to the changing rooms, fitted with breasts, hips and a 24" corset, put into a lycra dress, some black 4"ish heels and was then fitted with a couple of wigs until they decided which would be best for me.

Reading it back, it sounds like one of the fictionous stories you read but it actually happened. I was then taken back out in to the shop to have a look at myself. I couldn't believe the figure in front of me was me! It was amazing, I never thought I could ever look anything like that but here I was.

So there you go, I got changed back in to my drab clothes, chatted for a bit and got the corset (It's Pink!) and a blond streaked wig. They really were great in there and made me feel completely comforatble, a real confidence boost and a glimpse that I had the potential of being passable.

Jenny x

Friday, 11 May 2007

A brief history to date...

First of all, this blog's as much for my own benefit as for other people taking the same journey as I am.

I'm in my mid twenties, 5'7" (off heels) slim (size 6-8 uk) t-girl living in the West Mids, UK and I wear size 6 heels.

I've been dressing on and off since school, always behind closed doors, I'd always been in two minds about it all. Not sure if it was right etc, I've had a few purges of my clothes, makeup etc too and then regret it afterwards. I've promised myself not to do that again and somehow it feels like the right time to take it further and get out and meet other t-girls.

I think I still need a lot of work on my makeup and other bits but we can't have it all can we?

Kisses Jenn.x