Thursday, 1 May 2008

Who's Jenn?

A worthy question indeed, and in answer to this I suppose she's a part of me that hasn't had the opportunity to go out or show herself since my last post. I am (and she is) alive and well but that's not answering the question is it? Ok ok ok, well first of all to avoid getting my self confused with who I'm talking about I'm going to refer to Jenn and I as "us", two people (despite that fact she and I are one and the same) as although I don't feel I change particularly when I am her, we are polar opposites as could be said for any two people of different genders - maybe the other side to my Gemini if you will - but different we are and it shall remain so. I would love for us to merge and become one however I don't think I'm strong enough long term to carry it off thus I will linger in limbo with the Ms. Hyde to my Dr. Jekyll. This however isn't too stressing for me however it does make me feel sad on occasions but I'm quite comfortable with my day to day life. I hope that vaguely makes sense.

"But where have you been" I hear you screaming... First of all I'm sorry for being mostly incommunicado but I have had few opportunities to get online so do apologise to you all including Jenn - bizarrely. I've been trying to sort out my Dr. Jekyll life which has lead me to move south, unfortunately I can't see any opportunity for Jenn to come out and play in the near future as in the short term I will be stopping with friends that are unaware of her. Which brings me to another issue I have which is where to store (hide) her stuff in the mean time, eeek! I'm sure I will work something out but I've no idea at the moment.

On a lighter note I came across a few articles that I thought I'd share with you all:
Two articles from Joannas Diary, the first of which is an article from Marie Claire with the title Are men treated better than women?
and the other is from the Daily Mail entitled True Life Trading Places. Both are well worth a read in my opinion.
Also for some makeup tips have a look at Eve Bridge - Free beauty tips and lessons

Hugs Jenn xx