Sunday, 23 November 2008

The boiler's fixed...

And so, the end of a particularly dry spell (in the world of Jenn) almost a year it seems. My boiler's fixed, I've had some time to myself and we have some new pictures, yey! So without further ado - I imagine you've already skipped down the page already so this introduction is quite superfluous - however for those who are patient, I thought I would try some new styles hair wise. Comments are greatly welcomed.

Trying new hair - thoughts pleaseTrying new hair - thoughts please
Something old and something new

So there you have it, a new (lovely) red dress and some new hair styles.

Jenn xx

p.s. Patience is a quality I have never possessed or mastered either.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

What's more frustrating?

As the title suggests... What's more frustrating, not having any clothes, shoes, makeup, wigs, etc or having them and not having the opportunity to make use of them? I think I know which, answers on a post card.

I was hoping to get some pictures done over the weekend and to get some practice putting my makeup on (as I've not done it for a long while, I'm sure I'm a bit rusty) and to review what clothes I had and needed to get for going out on the 28th in Birmingham with Chloe, Lucy (I think maybe Becca + some others from TINT too) and Rach. So I was going to get some well earned and greatly over due Jenn time, did it happen? No, (as I'm sure you would have guessed from the lead up) my boiler broke so I couldn't have a hot shower but the flat was freezing with no heating, I know it's a lame excuse not to get dressed up but there you have it.

As a result no new pics, sorry.

I look forward to seeing any of you on the 28th, yey!!

Hugs Jenn x