Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Leyla's Halloween Birthday Bash at BNO

First of all... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Leyla!
Leyla's Cake

As I was waiting in a ridiculously long cue for the petrol pumps, I got a text message from Rihanna asking where I was, she was about 30-45mins ahead of me so once done at the petrol station I drove like a bat out of hell to try and gain some ground. We finally met up at a services on the M1 where I followed her as she's got a sat nav which really came in to it's own when we got Milton Keynes with all the roundabouts. We went between two very memorable roundabouts a number of times as it decided that it didn't actually know the way to the hotel, I think it must be male as it didn't even ask for directions ;o). Finally we managed to get to the hotel where Nicky, Lucy (TINT) and Katie (Lucy's GF) were loitering outside.

After getting ready, I headed down to Leyla's room, Champagne was flowing a plenty (thank you) and everyone was in great spirits. I'd only done my corset up a little bit so headed back to my room where Lucy (Outskirts) was getting ready, she helped me into my corset and knotted me up, thanks hun - I'm not sure I could have done it by myself. We both went back to the party room, I was armed with my camera:
Blow my gun
Beckie displaying her talents and looking sickeningly gorgeous

Nicky and Beckie produced a cake with candles and everything although it did set the fire alarms off:
Hello, Reception?
Leyla calling reception to tell them it was "all ok, the hotel wasn't on fire"

The lady from reception payed us a visit but she didn't seem to be phased that she'd just entered a room of Tranny's, to be fair she was probably more concerned for her hotel. After some more drink and cake we went to Pink Punters, luckily Beckie was driving so we got a lift with her (thanks hun).

Jenny and Me
Lucy and I blowing Beckie's guns and the lovely Lisa (a picture with my wings in, yey!)

Beckie was on form as usual, running about the place shooting people with her semi-automatic, she had excellent blue contact lenses in which looked ace! Little Lucy and Katie (her girlfriend) both looked gorgeous in punk/goth outfits. My corset was felling pretty tight so I decided to skip the dancing as I was feeling a little odd just standing and I didn't really fancy fainting despite it being quite funny. Mental note to self, don't wear a corset if I'm a) going to be eating or b) going to be drinking. Especially when it's a size too small for me, should have gone with the 24" after all, think I was being a little ambitious with a 22", you live and learn eh!

This did however get me talking to Racheal Veddetta whom I had seen on Flickr, we had a great chat about loads of things, we really seemed to have very similar views on things which was great - A really beautiful person. I also met Sam, Racheal's fiancé who is not only gorgeous but has a wicked sense of humour.

Better the devil you know?
Rachel Marie, Me and Leyla

Great to meet Rachel (Marie) as we'd chatted quite a bit online, it was her first time out and I think she did amazingly well.

There were too many of us to get in to one taxi but Racheal (Veddetta) offered us a lift back as Kalli was driving (Thank you Kalli, gorgeous and generous). All in all, another fab night with the special bonus of meeting some great people. I should really write these a bit quicker, it seems to take me ages to get the words down, how can you ever have time if you never make time?

Hugs Jenn xox

Monday, 22 October 2007

Annual Midlands Tranny Get-together

The Goldern err, well it's a ticket

First of all a big thank you to Julie, Lesley and anyone else that helped make it happen, it was great. Tamzin, Stacey, Lucy, KyRa and Claire, thanks for letting me get changed and leaving stuff in your room.

Well, it was a fantastic event, I got there around 2ish and got changed in Room 22, Sarah North had a spare bed in her room at the overspill hotel which was a couple of miles away, she gave me a call when she was ready. Luckily Lucy agreed to come over in the car (map reading) with me, I wasn't entirely sure where I was supposed to be going to be honest. We got there only having to do one u-turn thanks to Lucy's excellent map reading. We ordered a taxi back to the AMTG venue, the taxi driver wasn't very talkative for some reason.

We went up to Room 22 for a cheeky drink and some people did a outfit change, I think Stacey did about 17 outfit changes during the day and evening, more on that later.

Me - Broke the window
hehe - Lucy had an accident, oops

After a few drinks and some more pictures back down in the bar we decided to get changed in to our evening wear.
KyRa and Jenny
KyRa helping me get ready

Stacey did a wonderful job of lacing up my corset and tidying the excess cordage away which semi foxed Sarah when she came to undo it after the party for me. There were loads of balloons decorating the venue which seemed to be filled with helium, some how a couple managed to get passed to me from undisclosed sources. I think there's a limited amount of fun you can have with helium filled balloons but we seemed to make the most of it, I did ask Julie and Lesley not to tell the organisers.

KyRa and Jenny
Preparing to release it into the wild

Whilst in the longest cue for food after exhausting my helium supplies I decided to release it back in to the wild in the usual manner for doing such things with balloons, blowing them up as much as you can and releasing them! This would have been a successful mission if it hadn't been a homing balloon or as they are some times known, a boomerang balloon as it returned to us on a number of occasions after it's fleeting flights.

The food was excellent however my eyes were slightly bigger than my belly (as I was wearing a corset) but I did manage to eat the majority of it. The singer was fab, great makeup, but most importantly she had lovely shoes and the were a perfect fit.
I know they don't go with my outfit

There were prizes handed out, for the quiz "T-Girls Aloud" (Tamzin, Stacey, Lucy and Claire) won, Stacey also won the best dressed prize for her various outfits. There were loads of other prizes too. After all the dancing (not me, I'm rubbish) and music finished, Sarah and I ordered a taxi back to the hotel, again it was a quiet taxi ride hehe.

It was a great event and would do it again.
Hugs Jenn x

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Flickr Update...

Well after sending my message to Flickr and requesting them to reassess my account I received this from them:

We appreciate you moderating the content in your
I've classified your account as "public"/"safe".
Please keep the Flickr Community Guidelines in mind when
moderating your images in the future.


Wooohooo! I'm safe and not Jenn the Ripper any more! I have to give Leyla credit for the pun, she classed herself as Jane the Ripper when she was deemed unsafe.

Big Kisses,
Jenn XX

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Flickr Moderation!

Recently I noticed that I'd been deemed "UNSAFE" by Flickr, I was as you can imagine slightly surprised by this as there's nothing dodgy there whatsoever. Here's my review request message I've posted to them:

I've been through all of my pictures and set the content level appropriately. There is absolutely no nudity or anything of that nature within my photos, I've set my default level to Moderate (Obviously this isn't an option currently as I'm unsafe) but have specifically assigned the Restricted category to a select few.

The majority of my photos are for friends only to view therefore not in the public domain, where they are posted in public groups they are certainly not out of place there and would not offend Uncle Bob (I think I've seen some pictures of him there).

I feel I am abiding by the Flickr Community Guidelines now however if this is not the case if you could give me some specific examples and explanations of why my pictures are inappropriate/unsafe that would be a great help.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards
Jenny Ford

I'm hoping this will be resolved and was a misunderstanding on their part, if it was purely because I'm a tranny, tv, t-girl, call it what you will then it's edging upon discrimination which is a road I really don't want to go down.

Fingers crossed.
Jenn x

Saturday, 13 October 2007


There's an online test that you can fill out which will give you an indication of where you are on the transgender scale from bloke to babe, it's the Combined Gender Identity and Transsexuality Inventory (COGIATI). I completed it a while back but thought I'd do it again having been reminded of it's existence on Tranny International (TINT) by a post in the forum.

So here's the results:
Your COGIATI result value is: 70 Which means that you fall within the following category:


What this means is that the Combined Gender Identity And Transsexuality Inventory has classified your internal gender identity to be essentially androgynous, both male and female at the same time, or possibly neither. In some cultures in history, you would be considered to be a third sex, independent of the polarities of masculine or feminine. Your gender issues are intrinsic to your construction, and you will most likely find your happiness playing with expressing both genders as you feel like it.

Suggestions For Action:
Your situation is a little tricky in our current society, but not tremendously so, depending on your geographic location.
The suggestions for your circumstance are not overly complicated.

  1. If you have any comfortability about your gender expression, some slight degree of counseling might well prove helpful. The primary goal would be to make it possible for you to enjoy your gender expressions free from any shame or embarrassment, and to resolve any remaining questions you might have.

  2. As an androgynous being, both genders, and both sexes are natural to your expression. Permanent polarization in either direction might bring significant unhappiness. It is not recommended that you go through a complete transsexual transformation. You might find a partial transformation of value, if you find yourself more attracted overall to the feminine. You are more likely a transgenderist, than a transsexual. It is recommended that you recognize that your gender issues are real, but that extreme action regarding them should be viewed with great caution.

  3. If you have not already, consider joining any of the thousands of groups devoted to gender play of various varieties. There is literally a world of friends to discover who share your interests. There are also publications, vacations, and activities that would expand your gender play.
So there you have it, I'm androgynous at least in my head. Not entirely surprising, I'm a Gemini after all - hehe.

Having read a few bits and bobs about COGIATI, it's not highly regarded as being an exact science and I certainly found myself having to think about the questions with a what are they trying to achieve here perspective. It's not far off for me I don't think but some other people that tried it on TINT seemed to have mixed results.

Hugs Jenn x

Monday, 8 October 2007

Out in Brumlington

After speaking to Tamzin over the weekend (before this week) we decided it would be good to go out, initially it was going to be Wednesday however it ended working out a bit better for Tamzin and Chloe with it being a Thursday so I met Chloe at hers and we both got ready and much to her surprise I didn't get changed loads of times (cheeky, ahem) before finally deciding. I'd cunningly forgotten my shaving gel so had to borrow Chloe's, this was actually Dove Soap (that's not soap but is, but isn't but is!) which worked really well so I will be getting some for myself methinks. Chloe and I took some pics before we when out.
Hmm, do blonds have more fun?
What could I be thinking?

Seeing as Chloe'd always driven before I drove so she could have a couple of drinks as I would have to drive home later anyway, this was the first time we'd actually gone out already fully dressed which was quite novel. We got to The Loft at our arranged time of 9:00, previously it'd been pretty quiet around there but it was a lot busier not that it was a problem. Chloe and I got some drinks and found a couple of seats which happened to be in the restaurant area but was all we could find, during which I'd been sending a text to Tamzin to let her know we'd arrived which actually went to a completely different friend, still not realising when they responded with a "You're where?" I happily replied saying where we were to which they kindly suggested I'd sent the message to the wrong person! Oops!

A fashionable entrance by Tamzin, Stacey and Lucy which Chloe and I thought was a Tranny training exercise for us to see how we coped - I'm sure that wasn't the case, however conspiracy theories are good fun. After a drink, Lucy decided that seeing as neither Chloe or I had been to the Village (another gay bar) we would go there which was just around the corner so no big deal, we were told that we wouldn't be the only Trannys in the Village, hehe.

After a brief search of our handbags (assume for dildos and lube) we were allowed in, Lucy kindly bought me a drink (thanks Lucy) and we all attempted to chat over possibly some of the worst Karaoke I've ever heard - this is certainly an achievement as I went to quite a few Karaoke nights whilst working aboard. As it turned out, we were the only Trannys in the Village apart from the compare (is that the correct spelling? Please let me know) although she was described as a cock in a frock which some how was an excellent description on many levels.

Tamzin, KyRa, if you could send me any pics that'd be great to put them up here and until then:
And I'm off...

We decided we'd had enough of the wailing and screeching and headed back up the road to the Loft, literally walking up the road, well a cycle path and as you can imagine appropriate jokes flowed from there mostly from KyRa, hehe.

Lucy said that she'd like to do a Poker night at some point with T-Girls only so I need to learn how to play Poker, need to go learn then practice now otherwise I'm going to get hustled and loose my car or worse, my heels!

Hugs Jenn x

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

All Hallows Eve and stuff

It's all been planned and booked, we're going to BNO again on 27th Oct which also coincides with Leyla's Birthday so it should be a good night but leaves one question: What to wear? I've been thinking about it for a while and came up with an idea which had/has potential, I gathered the required bits and put it together at the weekend and took some pics. Heath Robinson would have been proud of my efforts as I've yet to get a tripod and a remote for my camera I had to jury rig something, my camera was precariously balanced resting on some sunglasses to get the right angle whilst hooked up to my computer so I could take a sequence of shots controlled by the computer. This may sound very impressive but I can assure you it wasn't.

Hmmm, are you sure?
Thoughts on the outfit?

Anyway, back to the subject matter: This is what I was proposing for Halloween, thoughts and comments are very welcome - good or bad. I was slightly disappointed with the corset as one of the eyelets has come apart upon wearing it for the first time which I'm quite annoyed about, I've not had any response from the company regarding the problem either! :o(

While I was in the mood, I took a few more pictures in various outfits, some new and some old.
Let your hair up once in a while
Let your hair up once in a while

I think this is possibly one of the best photo's of me, a complete fluke if you ask me. There are more pics and they'll get uploaded to my Flickr photostream as an when I get round to rotating, cropping and resizing them, should be a new one up most days hopefully.

A shampoo and condition of my wig is certainly on the cards as when I put it on it wasn't smelling the best, I'm not entirely sure why it's got so bad as every time I've been out it's not been smokey as the smoking ban (woohoo) has been in place. Whilst on the subject of wigs I've been considering moving towards my natural hair colour for a wig (which is brown), I'm going to hopefully try Chloe's to see what I think.

This week I came across an article on the Times online Wardrobe Mistress blog which is a question from a lady: Clip-on earrings with the wow factor? which had a great link to a site as they describe as specializing in jewellery for the transvestite community - Danglybitz is certainly worth a look if you're looking for some clip-on earrings, their site is a little 90's but seems to work.

Oh I added a new quote on the right too, is it a quote when I make it up/adapt it? Answers on a postcard.

Hugs Jenn xox