Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Leyla's Halloween Birthday Bash at BNO

First of all... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Leyla!
Leyla's Cake

As I was waiting in a ridiculously long cue for the petrol pumps, I got a text message from Rihanna asking where I was, she was about 30-45mins ahead of me so once done at the petrol station I drove like a bat out of hell to try and gain some ground. We finally met up at a services on the M1 where I followed her as she's got a sat nav which really came in to it's own when we got Milton Keynes with all the roundabouts. We went between two very memorable roundabouts a number of times as it decided that it didn't actually know the way to the hotel, I think it must be male as it didn't even ask for directions ;o). Finally we managed to get to the hotel where Nicky, Lucy (TINT) and Katie (Lucy's GF) were loitering outside.

After getting ready, I headed down to Leyla's room, Champagne was flowing a plenty (thank you) and everyone was in great spirits. I'd only done my corset up a little bit so headed back to my room where Lucy (Outskirts) was getting ready, she helped me into my corset and knotted me up, thanks hun - I'm not sure I could have done it by myself. We both went back to the party room, I was armed with my camera:
Blow my gun
Beckie displaying her talents and looking sickeningly gorgeous

Nicky and Beckie produced a cake with candles and everything although it did set the fire alarms off:
Hello, Reception?
Leyla calling reception to tell them it was "all ok, the hotel wasn't on fire"

The lady from reception payed us a visit but she didn't seem to be phased that she'd just entered a room of Tranny's, to be fair she was probably more concerned for her hotel. After some more drink and cake we went to Pink Punters, luckily Beckie was driving so we got a lift with her (thanks hun).

Jenny and Me
Lucy and I blowing Beckie's guns and the lovely Lisa (a picture with my wings in, yey!)

Beckie was on form as usual, running about the place shooting people with her semi-automatic, she had excellent blue contact lenses in which looked ace! Little Lucy and Katie (her girlfriend) both looked gorgeous in punk/goth outfits. My corset was felling pretty tight so I decided to skip the dancing as I was feeling a little odd just standing and I didn't really fancy fainting despite it being quite funny. Mental note to self, don't wear a corset if I'm a) going to be eating or b) going to be drinking. Especially when it's a size too small for me, should have gone with the 24" after all, think I was being a little ambitious with a 22", you live and learn eh!

This did however get me talking to Racheal Veddetta whom I had seen on Flickr, we had a great chat about loads of things, we really seemed to have very similar views on things which was great - A really beautiful person. I also met Sam, Racheal's fiancé who is not only gorgeous but has a wicked sense of humour.

Better the devil you know?
Rachel Marie, Me and Leyla

Great to meet Rachel (Marie) as we'd chatted quite a bit online, it was her first time out and I think she did amazingly well.

There were too many of us to get in to one taxi but Racheal (Veddetta) offered us a lift back as Kalli was driving (Thank you Kalli, gorgeous and generous). All in all, another fab night with the special bonus of meeting some great people. I should really write these a bit quicker, it seems to take me ages to get the words down, how can you ever have time if you never make time?

Hugs Jenn xox

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