Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Flickr Moderation!

Recently I noticed that I'd been deemed "UNSAFE" by Flickr, I was as you can imagine slightly surprised by this as there's nothing dodgy there whatsoever. Here's my review request message I've posted to them:

I've been through all of my pictures and set the content level appropriately. There is absolutely no nudity or anything of that nature within my photos, I've set my default level to Moderate (Obviously this isn't an option currently as I'm unsafe) but have specifically assigned the Restricted category to a select few.

The majority of my photos are for friends only to view therefore not in the public domain, where they are posted in public groups they are certainly not out of place there and would not offend Uncle Bob (I think I've seen some pictures of him there).

I feel I am abiding by the Flickr Community Guidelines now however if this is not the case if you could give me some specific examples and explanations of why my pictures are inappropriate/unsafe that would be a great help.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards
Jenny Ford

I'm hoping this will be resolved and was a misunderstanding on their part, if it was purely because I'm a tranny, tv, t-girl, call it what you will then it's edging upon discrimination which is a road I really don't want to go down.

Fingers crossed.
Jenn x

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