Monday, 8 October 2007

Out in Brumlington

After speaking to Tamzin over the weekend (before this week) we decided it would be good to go out, initially it was going to be Wednesday however it ended working out a bit better for Tamzin and Chloe with it being a Thursday so I met Chloe at hers and we both got ready and much to her surprise I didn't get changed loads of times (cheeky, ahem) before finally deciding. I'd cunningly forgotten my shaving gel so had to borrow Chloe's, this was actually Dove Soap (that's not soap but is, but isn't but is!) which worked really well so I will be getting some for myself methinks. Chloe and I took some pics before we when out.
Hmm, do blonds have more fun?
What could I be thinking?

Seeing as Chloe'd always driven before I drove so she could have a couple of drinks as I would have to drive home later anyway, this was the first time we'd actually gone out already fully dressed which was quite novel. We got to The Loft at our arranged time of 9:00, previously it'd been pretty quiet around there but it was a lot busier not that it was a problem. Chloe and I got some drinks and found a couple of seats which happened to be in the restaurant area but was all we could find, during which I'd been sending a text to Tamzin to let her know we'd arrived which actually went to a completely different friend, still not realising when they responded with a "You're where?" I happily replied saying where we were to which they kindly suggested I'd sent the message to the wrong person! Oops!

A fashionable entrance by Tamzin, Stacey and Lucy which Chloe and I thought was a Tranny training exercise for us to see how we coped - I'm sure that wasn't the case, however conspiracy theories are good fun. After a drink, Lucy decided that seeing as neither Chloe or I had been to the Village (another gay bar) we would go there which was just around the corner so no big deal, we were told that we wouldn't be the only Trannys in the Village, hehe.

After a brief search of our handbags (assume for dildos and lube) we were allowed in, Lucy kindly bought me a drink (thanks Lucy) and we all attempted to chat over possibly some of the worst Karaoke I've ever heard - this is certainly an achievement as I went to quite a few Karaoke nights whilst working aboard. As it turned out, we were the only Trannys in the Village apart from the compare (is that the correct spelling? Please let me know) although she was described as a cock in a frock which some how was an excellent description on many levels.

Tamzin, KyRa, if you could send me any pics that'd be great to put them up here and until then:
And I'm off...

We decided we'd had enough of the wailing and screeching and headed back up the road to the Loft, literally walking up the road, well a cycle path and as you can imagine appropriate jokes flowed from there mostly from KyRa, hehe.

Lucy said that she'd like to do a Poker night at some point with T-Girls only so I need to learn how to play Poker, need to go learn then practice now otherwise I'm going to get hustled and loose my car or worse, my heels!

Hugs Jenn x


Calista said...

Hi Jenny,

I finally found your blog. I'll promise I will place it in my blogreader and read and comment it regularly.
I have a blog page, but it is in Dutch and I am thinking of creating a new one in English.



Jenny Ford said...

Calista, you'll have to send me a link to your blog.

Kisses Jenn xx