Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Year, new name?

And with a nonchalant flick of the head
I've been thinking about this for a while now and I know it's annoying when people change their names but I think maybe I'd be happier with Rebecca Jennifer Ford. For those that know me as Jenny, it will still apply but you can call me Rebecca, Becky, Becca etc. I was told by a male friend (in jest) that I looked like a Becky which amused me as I don't think he know's about me as Jenn.

As for the picture, I was flicking through my collection, I found this from the first time I met Chloe when we had a makeover and I liked it so here it is.

Happy 2009,
xx Mmmwah xx

Monday, 22 December 2008

Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2009

Well, it's Christmas time again I hope everyone has a great time over the festive period and a great New Year's eve. In the New Year, may your hand always be stretched out in friendship, never in want. A quick (but important) thank you to everyone that's made a difference in my life in 2008, be it concious or otherwise it's all helped me in some way and is greatly appreciated.

It is customary to make a resolution for the New Year, it's been said that those who break a resolution are a weak yet those that make one are foolish - I hope to be neither. I have a couple that I wish to complete:

  • See a GP

  • Get my face lasered

  • Come out to (some of) my friends

These are all very personal things and big steps to me.

Let me know if you have any important New Year's resolutions, have a wonderful holiday and I'll write again in the New Year.

Love Jenn xx

Monday, 15 December 2008

Make up vids...

Here's a couple of make up videos that I came across. This first one is good although I'm not overly keen on the lips at the end, I think they look a little false - each to their own.

I love this one, it's a response to the to another video but I think this one's great/better (did I say that? Sorry), there are some great techniques and the model is fantastic before let alone after.

More of this person can be found here:

Nothing more to report to be honest, I hope you've all got your Christmas shopping under control because it's only around the corner!! I've yet to start, a great example of do as I say not as I do. Thanks to everyone that's commented on my posts, they're greatly uplifting, always welcomed and appreciated.

Jenn x

Sunday, 7 December 2008

TG Films...

Why is it that GG's (genetic girls) are playing the roles of transgender characters in films? Transamerica's lead was played by Felicity Huffman and now Nicole Kidman will play the world's first post-op transsexual in her next film The Danish Girl (a fictionalised account of the life of Lili Elbe by David Ebershoff), opposite Charlize Theron.

Hey ho, I suppose it's better than not telling the story.

Jenn x

Saturday, 6 December 2008

The news, it's new and improved...

It seems to be the week for Trans news, here's one from Japan:

I love the way the presenter says that it's the first times he's worn a bra, I feel he doth protest too much.

Closer to home now with the introduction of the ID card in the UK, it seems TG's are going to have to get two cards, costing them double!! Here's the news article

But more importantly, not really news but... Club O (or Orgasm) in Bristol does Trans friendly nights, so I thought it would be great to go there some time early next year. You do have to be a member but it's only £5 for 6 months and it's a bring your own booze which they label up with your name and put it in the fridge for your consumption - a cheap night in that respect. I will have a think on dates and let you know.

I just saw my neighbour leaving the house in an "interesting" outfit, ironically I thought "she's a bit odd" as I turned from the window in my dress, heels and false nails.

Take care,
Jenn x

A northern breeze

A few friends and I arranged a night to meet up and go out in Birmingham, this night was last week, and an excellent night it was too.

I drove up to Chloe's on Thursday evening, once again (unsurprisingly) a lovely meal was served, to be honest I only really go for the food, just kiding. It was a nice surprise to hear Lucy had decided to pop in a bit later bringing with her a bounty of "Love Hearts", yey! No need for presents her presence is enough, although they're certainly always welcomed!!

Friday was mostly lazy but seemed to fly past which I put down to the company I was keeping - note to self, get some boring friends as my life seems to be flying past too quickly. We got to the apartments where we were staying to be told we'd been booked in to the main hotel building and not the apartments as we'd thought, not the end of the world however it did mean we'd have to walk past reception on our way out, some more excitement.

Chloe thought it was a good idea to have a snooze while I was having a shower, it was a lovely shower although I don't think she was that impressed about the amount of water I'd left in the tank, sorry, at least I was lovely smooth and clean. She always looks fab so it was an unintentional cunning plan, so not really a plan at all to be fair. Steph Arlington popped in just as Chloe was in the shower and I was doing my nails, it was great to meet her finally as we'd spoken few times on TINT but not in the real world, she'd travelled up with Danny so she was buzzing already. After a good chat she decided to go and have a power nap as it was still reasonably early, we continued to get ready only to be interrupted again (we were pretty much ready by that point anyway) Rach and Sara, yey! They quickly set about getting ready, Chloe and I decided we'd let them get on with it so we went on a wander to see Danny, a good time to let you know what my outfit consisted of: Over the knee boots and a cowl neck mini dress, I was certain I looked like a prostitute, a high class one but one all the same.

Terrible Threesome?
A hooker and two ladies

Danny had put on an amazing spread, crisps, dips, chocolates, etc no to mention a whole selection of half bottles of wine, thank you. I was then presented with a copy of Repartee Magazine which contained the article about the TINT Makeover video, I wasn't prepared to see my picture on the back cover and as the background to the calendar on the first couple of pages, I'm officially a "Calendar Girl" it seems - this I some how feel I'm not going to live down. Once everyone had arrived we headed out to The Loft for a few more drinks.

Oooh, it's a party!
Martie, Sara, Rach, Me, Lucy, Chloe and Steffie. Photo taken by Danny, thank you!

To cut a long story short, we had a great night, Tamzin and Sophie met us at The Loft, it was great to see them both again and it was great being out again after such a long time. On the way back, Chloe dared me to walk up the other side of the street on my own, I'm not sure whether the purpose of this was to make me look like a hooker or what it was but as I was a little tipsy so I went through with it anyway.

Thanks to Chloe for putting me up/putting up with me and Danny for doing way too much.

Love you all,
Jenn xx

Sunday, 23 November 2008

The boiler's fixed...

And so, the end of a particularly dry spell (in the world of Jenn) almost a year it seems. My boiler's fixed, I've had some time to myself and we have some new pictures, yey! So without further ado - I imagine you've already skipped down the page already so this introduction is quite superfluous - however for those who are patient, I thought I would try some new styles hair wise. Comments are greatly welcomed.

Trying new hair - thoughts pleaseTrying new hair - thoughts please
Something old and something new

So there you have it, a new (lovely) red dress and some new hair styles.

Jenn xx

p.s. Patience is a quality I have never possessed or mastered either.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

What's more frustrating?

As the title suggests... What's more frustrating, not having any clothes, shoes, makeup, wigs, etc or having them and not having the opportunity to make use of them? I think I know which, answers on a post card.

I was hoping to get some pictures done over the weekend and to get some practice putting my makeup on (as I've not done it for a long while, I'm sure I'm a bit rusty) and to review what clothes I had and needed to get for going out on the 28th in Birmingham with Chloe, Lucy (I think maybe Becca + some others from TINT too) and Rach. So I was going to get some well earned and greatly over due Jenn time, did it happen? No, (as I'm sure you would have guessed from the lead up) my boiler broke so I couldn't have a hot shower but the flat was freezing with no heating, I know it's a lame excuse not to get dressed up but there you have it.

As a result no new pics, sorry.

I look forward to seeing any of you on the 28th, yey!!

Hugs Jenn x

Thursday, 28 August 2008

A new home...

Hiya everyone,

Sorry I've been offline for so long, I'm in my new flat now, yeehaa!! I've had great fun (not) trying to get my broadband sorted out but I'm finally online and ready to go. I've not currently got any of my clothes down here so I've been walking around the house naked, just kidding, they have been looked after by the most amazing and lovely Chloe to whom I'm forever indebted for her endless acts of kindness. As with all girls and clothes I've been unable to hold back (now I have my own space) so I treated myself to a new pair of heels for wearing around the house, they're white fluffy mules which I can't ever imagine wearing out unless I ever dress up as an angel - I wouldn't hold your breath.

I'm planning to go out for Halloween at a suitable venue, any suggestions to where's going to be good this year would be greatly received. I'm not going to give away what I'm going to wear (just yet) but I've started searching for outfits and accessories so you'd all start thinking about it too!

Again my sincerest apologies to (in no particular order) Nicky (both), Beckie, Chloe, Leyla, Lucy, Tamzin, KyRa, Racheal, Sam, Rachel and Lisa and anyone I've missed (sorry) for being out of touch for so long.

Love and hugs as always.
Jenn xxx

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Who's Jenn?

A worthy question indeed, and in answer to this I suppose she's a part of me that hasn't had the opportunity to go out or show herself since my last post. I am (and she is) alive and well but that's not answering the question is it? Ok ok ok, well first of all to avoid getting my self confused with who I'm talking about I'm going to refer to Jenn and I as "us", two people (despite that fact she and I are one and the same) as although I don't feel I change particularly when I am her, we are polar opposites as could be said for any two people of different genders - maybe the other side to my Gemini if you will - but different we are and it shall remain so. I would love for us to merge and become one however I don't think I'm strong enough long term to carry it off thus I will linger in limbo with the Ms. Hyde to my Dr. Jekyll. This however isn't too stressing for me however it does make me feel sad on occasions but I'm quite comfortable with my day to day life. I hope that vaguely makes sense.

"But where have you been" I hear you screaming... First of all I'm sorry for being mostly incommunicado but I have had few opportunities to get online so do apologise to you all including Jenn - bizarrely. I've been trying to sort out my Dr. Jekyll life which has lead me to move south, unfortunately I can't see any opportunity for Jenn to come out and play in the near future as in the short term I will be stopping with friends that are unaware of her. Which brings me to another issue I have which is where to store (hide) her stuff in the mean time, eeek! I'm sure I will work something out but I've no idea at the moment.

On a lighter note I came across a few articles that I thought I'd share with you all:
Two articles from Joannas Diary, the first of which is an article from Marie Claire with the title Are men treated better than women?
and the other is from the Daily Mail entitled True Life Trading Places. Both are well worth a read in my opinion.
Also for some makeup tips have a look at Eve Bridge - Free beauty tips and lessons

Hugs Jenn xx

Friday, 4 January 2008

Happy New Year...

As the title says: Happy New Year! I hope 2008 is a good year for you all (and me) and may the best of your past be the worst of your future.

And as it's the New Year I thought I'd give you the best present I can muster as I didn't post any pics last time here's one to make up for it.
All flowery
Taken after the Outskirts Christmas do @ Chloe's

As for Jenny time, I've not had any chance to let the girl out of the bag over the festive period so no real news here unfortunately.

I did however come across this article which made me smile: A Cover Girl who's Simply Himself It's nice to read that someone can be themselves.

Take care, Hugs
Jenn xxx