Thursday, 28 August 2008

A new home...

Hiya everyone,

Sorry I've been offline for so long, I'm in my new flat now, yeehaa!! I've had great fun (not) trying to get my broadband sorted out but I'm finally online and ready to go. I've not currently got any of my clothes down here so I've been walking around the house naked, just kidding, they have been looked after by the most amazing and lovely Chloe to whom I'm forever indebted for her endless acts of kindness. As with all girls and clothes I've been unable to hold back (now I have my own space) so I treated myself to a new pair of heels for wearing around the house, they're white fluffy mules which I can't ever imagine wearing out unless I ever dress up as an angel - I wouldn't hold your breath.

I'm planning to go out for Halloween at a suitable venue, any suggestions to where's going to be good this year would be greatly received. I'm not going to give away what I'm going to wear (just yet) but I've started searching for outfits and accessories so you'd all start thinking about it too!

Again my sincerest apologies to (in no particular order) Nicky (both), Beckie, Chloe, Leyla, Lucy, Tamzin, KyRa, Racheal, Sam, Rachel and Lisa and anyone I've missed (sorry) for being out of touch for so long.

Love and hugs as always.
Jenn xxx


Leyla More said...

Kick ass! Glad to have you back, there is some big Halloween thing happening at BNO in October, but the details are really sketchy at the moment... However I shall be there.

BTW: I have had a change of ID you can now find me at

See ya on the flip side.

KylieM said...

Congrats on the new home and welcome back to the online world!

Anonymous said...

So, my Angel, having settled into your new home, is it not time to invite your friends to a housewarming party ? Perhaps you could persuade Nicky Derwent from Tint to run the buffet :-) (your in the top ten on that site !) As far as Hello-Weeny parties are concerned, I would imagine that the biggest will be at PP, but there seems to be a lively TGirl community in Bristol, so maybe they will be organising a biggy. Bit nearer home. Anyway, you just can't imagine how much we all look forward to seeing you back on the scene - "it's magic" :-)