Friday, 21 December 2007

Happy Christmas...

First of all an apology to everyone for not being about lately. As you probably guessed from my previous entry I've been super busy, which seems to be looking that way until early Feb at this rate. Unfortunately I'm going to be incommunicado over the Festive period but I just wanted to let you know I'm alive an well if not a little snowed under (semi appropriate for this time of year?).

I'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone that I've met this year, you've all helped in your own way, even if it was a brief chat or a message. I'm looking forward to next year and seeing you more than I have recently. I certainly wouldn't have come so far if at all, thanks Nicky for my first steps they didn't seem so daunting with you there to show me the way. The rest of you... You know who you are!

I went to the Outskirts Christmas do on Monday with Chloe which was great fun and definitely good to get out and see my friends, the party was at the usual venue with a disco, a great spread of food put on and the obligatory raffle which I was promised to win a prize by Sarah who was selling the tickets, sadly this didn't happen although I thought I had won at one point - Damn my numerical dyslexia ;o)

We went to the Loft afterwards, it was great to meet/catch up with people and had some lovely compliments payed to me, I'm not sure if I deserved them all but I shall accept them graciously, I appreciate it. In addition to that I got some great hair tips which were more than welcome as I'm growing my hair out.

I've not got any photos of the night but I'm sure there should be some floating about, I'll try and get a couple of shots Chloe took after we got back to her place and post them.

Have a great Christmas and fab New Year!!
I look forward to going out next.
Jenn xx