Saturday, 14 February 2009

All of a twitter

I've finally decided to utilise Twitter as a What am I doing/thinking now, if you're thinking what is Twitter well I should probably explain: Twitter is literally for broadcasting what you're up to at the moment, a bit like Facebook's status (which if I had an account, I keep meaning to get one) might say "Jenny - As the number of clothes I have increases so does the time taken to decide what to wear." so it's a little like a mini-blog if you will.

What's more is I've made it nice an easy to keep up to date by linking to my Twitter over there (on the right) under the heading My Twitter.

Time will tell how much use it gets.

I'm off out tonight with Tanya, a tgirl from Devon so I'd better get off and decide what to take to wear.

Jenn xx