Saturday, 12 May 2007

To the Shop

Well, I decided to get my self to a tranny shop for some advice etc:

I visited the Birmingham Transformation Shop which was pretty scary, I parked up around the corner and walked along the road up to the shop and kept walking past the shop as I was a bit nervous but plucked up my courage and went up to the door. I opened the outer door and then tried to go through the inner door but it was locked! Eek, a face appeared behind the counter and buzzed me in, phew and I was in!

A guy came out and asked me if I was looking for anything specific and I explained I'd not been there before etc. He was great, offered me a cup of coffee and got straight to work explaining about hip/bottom shapers, breast forms the lot. It was almost a case of information overload, then I was wisked in to the changing rooms, fitted with breasts, hips and a 24" corset, put into a lycra dress, some black 4"ish heels and was then fitted with a couple of wigs until they decided which would be best for me.

Reading it back, it sounds like one of the fictionous stories you read but it actually happened. I was then taken back out in to the shop to have a look at myself. I couldn't believe the figure in front of me was me! It was amazing, I never thought I could ever look anything like that but here I was.

So there you go, I got changed back in to my drab clothes, chatted for a bit and got the corset (It's Pink!) and a blond streaked wig. They really were great in there and made me feel completely comforatble, a real confidence boost and a glimpse that I had the potential of being passable.

Jenny x

Friday, 11 May 2007

A brief history to date...

First of all, this blog's as much for my own benefit as for other people taking the same journey as I am.

I'm in my mid twenties, 5'7" (off heels) slim (size 6-8 uk) t-girl living in the West Mids, UK and I wear size 6 heels.

I've been dressing on and off since school, always behind closed doors, I'd always been in two minds about it all. Not sure if it was right etc, I've had a few purges of my clothes, makeup etc too and then regret it afterwards. I've promised myself not to do that again and somehow it feels like the right time to take it further and get out and meet other t-girls.

I think I still need a lot of work on my makeup and other bits but we can't have it all can we?

Kisses Jenn.x