Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Big Nite Out - 14th Sept

Ok, this has taken me way to long to get around to writing but here it is... Finally:

Terri, Lucy and I drove up from London to the Campanille Hotel which is situated across the road from the Pink Punters Club, once checked in I caught up with Chloe as we were sharing a room together. After a quick nap, shower and shave we got some food in the restaurant, I bumped in to Rihanna which was great as I'd not seen her since London when we went to the Way Out Club.

We went back to the room and we started getting ready, Chloe gave me some tips on getting a nice close shave (greatly needed, thanks) while I was hacking at my face. By the time I was finished Chloe pretty much had most things sorted out which left me rushing to catchup/get ready which wasn't a good idea as it just made me mess things up and take even longer. I'd pre-decided what I was going to wear which was black heels, white over the knee socks, tartan mini and a black blouse which when I'd got it all on decided I didn't feel comfortable in it so got changed. I finally decided on black leggings, a denim micro-mini and a black punky fish t-shirt with my faithful red heels.

I made my way down to the bar to hopefully meet everyone as they were thinking of heading over to the club before it started to charge. Luckily they were all still in the bar as was Chloe as I'd told her to head out without me while I resolved my dilemma, a drink was certainly needed.

After a drink in the bar we headed over to Pink Punters which obviously entailed negotiating the Tranny Assault course (see previous BNO entry) on the way. The club wasn't too busy, must have been because it was a Friday, there were quite a few familiar faces I recognised which was great and tried to talk to most people I knew. Everyone was fantastic and friendly and I was having a great time, I'm certainly becoming more comfortable out and about which is great.

Lucy (instigator), Rihanna and Terri decided to have a deep-throat competition with an empty bottle, I'm not sure who the winner was but it was certainly entertaining to watch especially some of the disapproving looks.

Another Lucy now... this time from the OutSkirts group from Birmingham, it was really great to meet her and have a good chat along with KyRa and Chloe, hopefully catch up soon with KyRa and Lucy as they've been out in London since and I want the hear all about it.

Later in the night we decided it'd be a great idea to go dance, the music on the middle floor had turned towards the R'n'B persuasion so we headed to the basement where it was more dance music. The best part about the basement is that they've got poles littered about that you can swing around to your heart's content, it would have been rude not to have a bit of a go, wouldn't it?
A lucky pole or a lucky girl?
Swinging with the best of them

I certainly hadn't gotten any worse at dancing from the previous night but hadn't got much better either although dancing when your feet aren't killing you certainly makes it a darn sight easier and at times I almost had rhythm for about a beat.

Another great night had by all I think.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

On the town in Soho

So Becky, Lucy, Terri and I were all made up when we left the studio, it was great fun driving through London to the hotel, Lucy was certainly enjoying being out. When we got to the hotel the car park was somewhat crampt, I could have parked my car however I wouldn't have been able to get out of any of the doors so we reluctantly put our cars in a NCP car park 5 mins walk down the road.

On the walk back, with Beckie and Nicky (in drab) a girl on the other side of the road shouted out in a great cockney accent "That woman's a Geeeeza!", Beckie seemed to relish the attention and made me laugh, it also made me think... Yeah, so what I'm a guy in a dress but I'm having fun and why shouldn't I show it (thanks Beckie). I think you've got to have a certain sense of realism at the end of the day and if you go out thinking you're not going to be clocked you're just setting yourself up for a fall.

We finally got to our rooms with 15 mins to get ready before meeting in the bar down stairs, not a major problem as everything was pretty much done anyway but was a nice time to get some weight off my feet.

Lucy and I made our way down to the bar to find no-one there so decided to go back up and knock on their doors, there was a lift already there with and a guy waiting to go up so we thought we'd wait for another one but then his head popped out of the lift and said there was space in the lift (eeek, lol). We reluctantly entered the lift, he was pretty wasted but complimented us both and wished us a good night as he exited at his floor. Lucy thought she heard Becky exiting the other lift at ground floor as ours closed so we'd made the trip up to the top and down for no reason, this wasn't the last of the fun with lifts as later on this happened again a couple of times.

After a drink in the bar we got a taxi but not before some more fun in lifts like ships passing in the night. It was decided that we were to go out and get some food at a restaurant - Bella Pasta, in what I think was Soho (I could be wrong), I'm not sure I've laughed so much in a taxi before). We had to walk for a bit to the restaurant, even though it was a Thursday the streets were full of people, ordinarily I would have felt completely out of place but Beckie and Terri's confidence had enveloped me.
Beckie and Terri in the Taxi
Beckie and Terri in the Taxi on the way to Soho

The meal was also full of laughter but with the addition of Champagne which was freely flowing along with numerous toasts to one thing or another throughout the course of the meal, I say meal in the loosest term as most of us only had a starter . We were also joined by SilverVoice from TrannyInternational, a true gentlemen. We finished our meals and as we'd drunk them out of Champagne we decided to head to a club.
Lucy and Beckie
Lucy and Beckie on our way to the bar

So out again on the streets of Soho we said our goodbyes to SilverVoice and headed to G-A-Y bar, Terri or Beckie (I can't remember which) protested to a search on entry to the bar as they were "Layyydeee's". It was reasonably busy in there which was good, after a drink Nicky parted company with us and headed home leaving us girls to our own devices. Lucy and I did a bit of dancing, well Lucy did and I moved my body in the most uncoordinated and non-rhythmic manner people had seen in a gay club, my feet hurting from my shoe's didn't make it any easier so I had a sit down.
Lucy and I
Lucy and I in the club

A bit later, Beckie (our guide) decided it was a good time to head to another club, we had a look round for Terri but she'd disappeared unfortunately so it was now just the three of us. We went to G-A-Y club which was not really very busy but was good fun all the same, we got our pics taken with a random girl who was quite lovely as I remember. The club was in three sections and as Beckie described it: camp, camper and dance music, it was an old theatre I vagely remember. Lucy was determined to get me dancing but by this stage my feet were killing me so my terrible attempts at the previous venue looked positively professional in comparison.

We left the club about 2ish and made our way to a cafe to have a coffee before catching a taxi back to the hotel, upon entering the cafe I heard from behind us "That's what I'm talking about! You're in Soho!". While we were waiting for our drinks, a coffee of some description which was very nice incidentally a girl behind us got my attention and asked me where I'd got my shoes from as she thought they were great (I didn't tell her that they were killing me) this was certainly a highlight of the evening for me. We sat down outside with our drinks and chatted about the evening. Once we were all finished we made our way to a main road and flagged down a taxi, well Beckie ran out in front of the taxi which certainly worked. An excellent night, probably my best tranny experience yet and one I hope to repeat, thanks Beckie, Terri and Nicky for looking after us.

Jenn x

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

TINT Makeover Shoot

The TINT Shoot:
What's this all about? Well, I'm a member of the site Tranny International and there's been much talk about them doing a makeover video, I was invited to go along by the organisers to document the day by taking photographs of the action, so now you know here's all about it:

Lucy and I got up at some silly hour I choose not to remember - it wasn't actually that early but I hate getting up in the morning so anytime before double digits is horrid in my opinion so that's why I'm not too keen on weekdays in general.

Anyway, we got down to the studio's without a hitch, ok we went wrong once which I think is fine considering I'm from the Shire and not used to more than single track lanes.

T-Girl Make-Over Crew
The TINT Tee

Beckie and Nicky turned up shortly after we got there and started getting everything ready, Nicky kept producing more and more food from what appeared to be an endless supply - Well you've got to keep your energy levels up haven't you?

Martin the studio owner had already got it all setup for the shoot and had his camera setup on a tripod already, I at this point got a serious case of camera envy but he is a professional photographer with a valid justification to have such kit.
The hardware
Camera Hardware - video and stills

Leyla turned up with an amazing amout of video equipment which included two video cameras, one being a big on the shoulder kind, a very sturdy tripod and a set of lights with stands and spangerly umbrellas, this is just what I saw and I'm not quite sure how she managed to carry it all.
Studio Panorama
The studio

Terry the makeup artist had also arrived and produced a gargantuan amount of makeup, I wouldn't know where to start with it all to be honest, even with a little more knowledge on these things from during the shoot.
Terry's Makeup beforeMakeup brushes
Terry's Makeup before the shoot

After everyone had arrived and signed all appropriate paperwork (Beckie had thought of everything - with a little/lot of help from Nicky) we started filming the first model, Lucy was going to be our natural look model. The way it worked was that Martin would take a photo at the start and in between all the stages of the makeup and one at the end with the finished product, during the process Leyla would be filming how everything was being done - I'm sure you could have guessed that.

Kyle (the hair-piece professional) turned up about halfway through Lucy's makeup being done with a whole array of wigs, he had fantastic hair and a fab Welsh accent - I'd spent a year working in Cardiff so had grown fond of the Welsh accent. When Terry was finished doing the makeup Kyle was up with Lucy putting on and styling various wigs, with a blur of hands - a few moments later the wig was completely transformed in to a different style. At one point Beckie and I looked at each other open mouthed totally in awe.
Kyle doing amazing stuff with hair
Kyle in action - Woooosh

Then the process started again with Terri (not to be confused with Terry the makeup artist) but this time the look was going to be more going out/glamorous. As Terry was getting close to finishing what he needed to do Beckie came and asked if I'd like to be made over by Terry too (off camera) for going out later, I obviously thought this would be great and jumped at the chance so went to have a shave and get changed.
A hard life being a model ;)
Filming Terry's makeover

Terry made me up while Terri was getting her hair done by Kyle, it took a few minutes for him to make me over which was great fun although I couldn't see what he was doing, made me think that if a professional makeup artist takes this long to do my makeup then I should probably be taking about 15-20 to do mine ;o). I will certainly have to watch the video when it's done to get some makeup tips.

Beckie also got made up by Kyle while the models were getting their final shots taken by Martin having rearranged the studio. The final products of Lucy and Terri were amazing, they both looked absolutely gorgeous!
Terri working it
Terri working it for the cameras

Both Beckie and I got had a couple of shots taken by Martin too which was great (Thank you). After all the filming was complete we had celebratory cake and Champagne.
Cake and Champagne
Mmmmm Cake and Champagne

Thanks to everyone involved but most of all to Beckie and Nicky for organising it all and for letting me be a part of it, it was a great day.

We were all made up, looking pretty, what's a girl to do? To be continued...

Hugs Jenn x
Jenny TINT Makeover Crew

The night before the shoot

Chloe had kindly offered for us (Lucy and I) to go around to hers the night before as she's in Brumlington (Birmingham), it would be easier to get on the M1 from there for the trip down to London, so I got there after a fleeting visit back home to get my stuff into the car and got myself to Chloe's.

We made our way to Birmingham New Street to meet Lucy's train and after a couple of txts and a phone call we were all together and on our way back to Chloe's. Once there, we got on to getting changed and I did a spot of waxing on Lucy's legs, she wasn't too keen to do it at first but she did it in the end and after the first strip had been whipped off she said it wasn't too bad after all. Lucy said I was enjoyed doing the waxing just a little bit too much, hehe... it's good fun.
3/4 (Hair)Shorts
Lucy's 3/4 (hair) trousers - Sorry Lucy I had to post it.

Chloe got ready in super quick time and started on getting the food done while we were sorting ourselves out, a few minutes later we were all ready and having a great meal produced by Chloe who incidentally would make an excellent housewife - I've already put in a subscription to House Wife magazine or the like for her. ;o)
The perfect housewife?
Chloe: The perfect Housewife?

The wine was flowing as was the conversation on various subjects, an excellent night and start to our 3 day Tranny stint. More to follow...

Hugs Jenn. x

Friday, 7 September 2007

In the wilderness...

After my last outing with Chloe and taken a few photos when we got back to hers, I decided I needed to sort out my tan lines as my upper arms were quite white so my mission was to rectify this problem.

The day started off looking a little dull which would have scuppered my plans however as the day continued it started to brighten up and by the time I finished work the sun was fully ablaze. I quickly made my way home and got my bits together, put my combat style mini skirt on, a sleeveless black top by Roxy (Quiksilver) and did my foundation. I put on some trousers and a hoody for leaving the house.

I got halfway to Church Stretton and pulled over and did the rest of my makeup, took my trousers and hoody off and made sure my hair was straight. Now making my way to not the usual Cardingmill Valley but to Ash's Hollow (which I know reasonably well) where I parked the car up for a speedy get away in mind. Walking up the road as naturally as I could (swinging my hips etc) took me past a farm house which is now used by the owners of the campsite there, this was quite nerve wrecking for two reasons: This was my first time out in daylight and on my own (eeeek!), I didn't encounter anyone getting to the path I knew wouldn't have many people on - which was a great relieve to me.

When I got halfway up the first part of the path I got my camera out and took a few pics, the sun was shining beautifully, not much of a breeze either, the perfect day.

Tranny in the wilderness
Jenny out in the wilderness

As I made my way up to the road at the top, I only passed a couple of people on the way up, or rather they passed me - luckily I was taking photos at the time so I could hide behind my camera and turn my back on them. It was really nice being out being dressed and a great opportunity to work on my walk in flat shoes, I decided at this point that I was going to walk back down the the valley and not the way I'd come up, this was a little more risky as it's a more frequented route. I walked along the road at the top, a few cars passed by but no one seemed to notice or pull any funny faces as they went past.

As I got down in to the valley a bit I decided to do a spot of typical tranny photography, however the only ones that came out were the arm length self portraits, I'll have to make sure I manually focus on the point I'm going to be at and set the self timer next time - you live and learn eh. As I got to the bottom of the valley I put my hooded cardigan on to cover my arms as I don't think they look as feminine as they should, a few mins later I came around the corner to see a family up ahead. There was no way around them I had to walk past which I did and was totally clocked by the daughter who pulled a kind of eeek face, with my confidence wounded I carried on only then realising that I would have to negotiate 3 stiles and walk through a campsite, it was way too far to walk all the way back round and I wouldn't want to walk past the family again. So I pressed forwards, I don't think there's a lady like way to make your way over a stile in a mini-skirt even when it's in a combat style, I can't see the women in the military wearing these in the field although I think the men would like it more that way as they'd probably get some interesting views. I made my way over the stiles as best I could whilst trying maintain my modesty and people in the vicinity a nasty shock, luckily there weren't many people in the campsite and everyone that I was visible to didn't seem to notice I was there (phew) so I made my way back to the car and made my getaway.

I stopped again in the lay-by I had done on the way, took off my makeup and got changed back in to my usual drab. It had been a lovely afternoon only slightly tainted by passing the family (or not passing as the case may be) towards the end.

Jenn x

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

OutSkirts II

I'm going to have to stop counting at some point I know, it's still novel to me and the first sequel is certainly worth a II in my books. I'm not feeling overly creative, writing wise today so if it's a bit bland, I'm sorry!

So, I met Chloe at her house again after work so we could go to the Outskirts meet. We decided to do our foundation at hers before going out to save time when we got there, only having to do blusher, eye makeup and our lips. Chloe slightly over did the powder on her face which left her looking a little ghostly, this was easily rectified with a quick flick with her blusher brush to take off the excess. We got all our bits together and headed to the pub where the OutSkirts people meet, I was going to call it a group but I thought that sounded like it was something for people with a problem. This is certainly not what OutSkirts is, everyone's really friendly and supportive.

Chloe and I quickly headed to the toilets to get changed (rummer has it that they will be in the private room next time I go which will be a bit nicer, not that it's much of a problem how it is) we both quickly got changed and started on our makeup, a lovely girl (genetic) came in while we were putting our finishing touches together and was most complimentary and friendly. Oh almost forgot, I wore my green Billabong dress, flip-flops and a black hooded cardigan. Chloe's still not sure about my green flip-flops but she's wrong, they're great! ;)
Green dress
Photos taken back at Chloe's

We spoke various people again, some new to us and some we'd met before, It was nice to meet Sally this time having corresponded with her by email, I was pleased when she informed me that they'd like to use my first experiences of OutSkirts on their website. I was slightly jealous of Sally as she's got a Canon 20D, she was taking a few shots of various people.

Like last time we went to The Loft and had a drink there, it seems there will be quite a few of us at the Big Nite Out on the 14th. Every time I go out I feel slightly less nervous and self-conscious, I'm sure I'll have a knock back at some point but it's going well at the mo (touch wood), maybe I shouldn't tempt fate? Anyway, Chloe and I said our fair-wells and headed back to hers, we took a few pics when we got back and while Chloe was looking through them I got changed and took my makeup off.

Once again, a most enjoyable evening and great to meet everyone.
Hugs Jenn x