Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Big Nite Out - 14th Sept

Ok, this has taken me way to long to get around to writing but here it is... Finally:

Terri, Lucy and I drove up from London to the Campanille Hotel which is situated across the road from the Pink Punters Club, once checked in I caught up with Chloe as we were sharing a room together. After a quick nap, shower and shave we got some food in the restaurant, I bumped in to Rihanna which was great as I'd not seen her since London when we went to the Way Out Club.

We went back to the room and we started getting ready, Chloe gave me some tips on getting a nice close shave (greatly needed, thanks) while I was hacking at my face. By the time I was finished Chloe pretty much had most things sorted out which left me rushing to catchup/get ready which wasn't a good idea as it just made me mess things up and take even longer. I'd pre-decided what I was going to wear which was black heels, white over the knee socks, tartan mini and a black blouse which when I'd got it all on decided I didn't feel comfortable in it so got changed. I finally decided on black leggings, a denim micro-mini and a black punky fish t-shirt with my faithful red heels.

I made my way down to the bar to hopefully meet everyone as they were thinking of heading over to the club before it started to charge. Luckily they were all still in the bar as was Chloe as I'd told her to head out without me while I resolved my dilemma, a drink was certainly needed.

After a drink in the bar we headed over to Pink Punters which obviously entailed negotiating the Tranny Assault course (see previous BNO entry) on the way. The club wasn't too busy, must have been because it was a Friday, there were quite a few familiar faces I recognised which was great and tried to talk to most people I knew. Everyone was fantastic and friendly and I was having a great time, I'm certainly becoming more comfortable out and about which is great.

Lucy (instigator), Rihanna and Terri decided to have a deep-throat competition with an empty bottle, I'm not sure who the winner was but it was certainly entertaining to watch especially some of the disapproving looks.

Another Lucy now... this time from the OutSkirts group from Birmingham, it was really great to meet her and have a good chat along with KyRa and Chloe, hopefully catch up soon with KyRa and Lucy as they've been out in London since and I want the hear all about it.

Later in the night we decided it'd be a great idea to go dance, the music on the middle floor had turned towards the R'n'B persuasion so we headed to the basement where it was more dance music. The best part about the basement is that they've got poles littered about that you can swing around to your heart's content, it would have been rude not to have a bit of a go, wouldn't it?
A lucky pole or a lucky girl?
Swinging with the best of them

I certainly hadn't gotten any worse at dancing from the previous night but hadn't got much better either although dancing when your feet aren't killing you certainly makes it a darn sight easier and at times I almost had rhythm for about a beat.

Another great night had by all I think.

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