Friday, 7 September 2007

In the wilderness...

After my last outing with Chloe and taken a few photos when we got back to hers, I decided I needed to sort out my tan lines as my upper arms were quite white so my mission was to rectify this problem.

The day started off looking a little dull which would have scuppered my plans however as the day continued it started to brighten up and by the time I finished work the sun was fully ablaze. I quickly made my way home and got my bits together, put my combat style mini skirt on, a sleeveless black top by Roxy (Quiksilver) and did my foundation. I put on some trousers and a hoody for leaving the house.

I got halfway to Church Stretton and pulled over and did the rest of my makeup, took my trousers and hoody off and made sure my hair was straight. Now making my way to not the usual Cardingmill Valley but to Ash's Hollow (which I know reasonably well) where I parked the car up for a speedy get away in mind. Walking up the road as naturally as I could (swinging my hips etc) took me past a farm house which is now used by the owners of the campsite there, this was quite nerve wrecking for two reasons: This was my first time out in daylight and on my own (eeeek!), I didn't encounter anyone getting to the path I knew wouldn't have many people on - which was a great relieve to me.

When I got halfway up the first part of the path I got my camera out and took a few pics, the sun was shining beautifully, not much of a breeze either, the perfect day.

Tranny in the wilderness
Jenny out in the wilderness

As I made my way up to the road at the top, I only passed a couple of people on the way up, or rather they passed me - luckily I was taking photos at the time so I could hide behind my camera and turn my back on them. It was really nice being out being dressed and a great opportunity to work on my walk in flat shoes, I decided at this point that I was going to walk back down the the valley and not the way I'd come up, this was a little more risky as it's a more frequented route. I walked along the road at the top, a few cars passed by but no one seemed to notice or pull any funny faces as they went past.

As I got down in to the valley a bit I decided to do a spot of typical tranny photography, however the only ones that came out were the arm length self portraits, I'll have to make sure I manually focus on the point I'm going to be at and set the self timer next time - you live and learn eh. As I got to the bottom of the valley I put my hooded cardigan on to cover my arms as I don't think they look as feminine as they should, a few mins later I came around the corner to see a family up ahead. There was no way around them I had to walk past which I did and was totally clocked by the daughter who pulled a kind of eeek face, with my confidence wounded I carried on only then realising that I would have to negotiate 3 stiles and walk through a campsite, it was way too far to walk all the way back round and I wouldn't want to walk past the family again. So I pressed forwards, I don't think there's a lady like way to make your way over a stile in a mini-skirt even when it's in a combat style, I can't see the women in the military wearing these in the field although I think the men would like it more that way as they'd probably get some interesting views. I made my way over the stiles as best I could whilst trying maintain my modesty and people in the vicinity a nasty shock, luckily there weren't many people in the campsite and everyone that I was visible to didn't seem to notice I was there (phew) so I made my way back to the car and made my getaway.

I stopped again in the lay-by I had done on the way, took off my makeup and got changed back in to my usual drab. It had been a lovely afternoon only slightly tainted by passing the family (or not passing as the case may be) towards the end.

Jenn x

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