Tuesday, 18 September 2007

TINT Makeover Shoot

The TINT Shoot:
What's this all about? Well, I'm a member of the site Tranny International and there's been much talk about them doing a makeover video, I was invited to go along by the organisers to document the day by taking photographs of the action, so now you know here's all about it:

Lucy and I got up at some silly hour I choose not to remember - it wasn't actually that early but I hate getting up in the morning so anytime before double digits is horrid in my opinion so that's why I'm not too keen on weekdays in general.

Anyway, we got down to the studio's without a hitch, ok we went wrong once which I think is fine considering I'm from the Shire and not used to more than single track lanes.

T-Girl Make-Over Crew
The TINT Tee

Beckie and Nicky turned up shortly after we got there and started getting everything ready, Nicky kept producing more and more food from what appeared to be an endless supply - Well you've got to keep your energy levels up haven't you?

Martin the studio owner had already got it all setup for the shoot and had his camera setup on a tripod already, I at this point got a serious case of camera envy but he is a professional photographer with a valid justification to have such kit.
The hardware
Camera Hardware - video and stills

Leyla turned up with an amazing amout of video equipment which included two video cameras, one being a big on the shoulder kind, a very sturdy tripod and a set of lights with stands and spangerly umbrellas, this is just what I saw and I'm not quite sure how she managed to carry it all.
Studio Panorama
The studio

Terry the makeup artist had also arrived and produced a gargantuan amount of makeup, I wouldn't know where to start with it all to be honest, even with a little more knowledge on these things from during the shoot.
Terry's Makeup beforeMakeup brushes
Terry's Makeup before the shoot

After everyone had arrived and signed all appropriate paperwork (Beckie had thought of everything - with a little/lot of help from Nicky) we started filming the first model, Lucy was going to be our natural look model. The way it worked was that Martin would take a photo at the start and in between all the stages of the makeup and one at the end with the finished product, during the process Leyla would be filming how everything was being done - I'm sure you could have guessed that.

Kyle (the hair-piece professional) turned up about halfway through Lucy's makeup being done with a whole array of wigs, he had fantastic hair and a fab Welsh accent - I'd spent a year working in Cardiff so had grown fond of the Welsh accent. When Terry was finished doing the makeup Kyle was up with Lucy putting on and styling various wigs, with a blur of hands - a few moments later the wig was completely transformed in to a different style. At one point Beckie and I looked at each other open mouthed totally in awe.
Kyle doing amazing stuff with hair
Kyle in action - Woooosh

Then the process started again with Terri (not to be confused with Terry the makeup artist) but this time the look was going to be more going out/glamorous. As Terry was getting close to finishing what he needed to do Beckie came and asked if I'd like to be made over by Terry too (off camera) for going out later, I obviously thought this would be great and jumped at the chance so went to have a shave and get changed.
A hard life being a model ;)
Filming Terry's makeover

Terry made me up while Terri was getting her hair done by Kyle, it took a few minutes for him to make me over which was great fun although I couldn't see what he was doing, made me think that if a professional makeup artist takes this long to do my makeup then I should probably be taking about 15-20 to do mine ;o). I will certainly have to watch the video when it's done to get some makeup tips.

Beckie also got made up by Kyle while the models were getting their final shots taken by Martin having rearranged the studio. The final products of Lucy and Terri were amazing, they both looked absolutely gorgeous!
Terri working it
Terri working it for the cameras

Both Beckie and I got had a couple of shots taken by Martin too which was great (Thank you). After all the filming was complete we had celebratory cake and Champagne.
Cake and Champagne
Mmmmm Cake and Champagne

Thanks to everyone involved but most of all to Beckie and Nicky for organising it all and for letting me be a part of it, it was a great day.

We were all made up, looking pretty, what's a girl to do? To be continued...

Hugs Jenn x
Jenny TINT Makeover Crew

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