Wednesday, 5 September 2007

OutSkirts II

I'm going to have to stop counting at some point I know, it's still novel to me and the first sequel is certainly worth a II in my books. I'm not feeling overly creative, writing wise today so if it's a bit bland, I'm sorry!

So, I met Chloe at her house again after work so we could go to the Outskirts meet. We decided to do our foundation at hers before going out to save time when we got there, only having to do blusher, eye makeup and our lips. Chloe slightly over did the powder on her face which left her looking a little ghostly, this was easily rectified with a quick flick with her blusher brush to take off the excess. We got all our bits together and headed to the pub where the OutSkirts people meet, I was going to call it a group but I thought that sounded like it was something for people with a problem. This is certainly not what OutSkirts is, everyone's really friendly and supportive.

Chloe and I quickly headed to the toilets to get changed (rummer has it that they will be in the private room next time I go which will be a bit nicer, not that it's much of a problem how it is) we both quickly got changed and started on our makeup, a lovely girl (genetic) came in while we were putting our finishing touches together and was most complimentary and friendly. Oh almost forgot, I wore my green Billabong dress, flip-flops and a black hooded cardigan. Chloe's still not sure about my green flip-flops but she's wrong, they're great! ;)
Green dress
Photos taken back at Chloe's

We spoke various people again, some new to us and some we'd met before, It was nice to meet Sally this time having corresponded with her by email, I was pleased when she informed me that they'd like to use my first experiences of OutSkirts on their website. I was slightly jealous of Sally as she's got a Canon 20D, she was taking a few shots of various people.

Like last time we went to The Loft and had a drink there, it seems there will be quite a few of us at the Big Nite Out on the 14th. Every time I go out I feel slightly less nervous and self-conscious, I'm sure I'll have a knock back at some point but it's going well at the mo (touch wood), maybe I shouldn't tempt fate? Anyway, Chloe and I said our fair-wells and headed back to hers, we took a few pics when we got back and while Chloe was looking through them I got changed and took my makeup off.

Once again, a most enjoyable evening and great to meet everyone.
Hugs Jenn x

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