Thursday, 20 September 2007

On the town in Soho

So Becky, Lucy, Terri and I were all made up when we left the studio, it was great fun driving through London to the hotel, Lucy was certainly enjoying being out. When we got to the hotel the car park was somewhat crampt, I could have parked my car however I wouldn't have been able to get out of any of the doors so we reluctantly put our cars in a NCP car park 5 mins walk down the road.

On the walk back, with Beckie and Nicky (in drab) a girl on the other side of the road shouted out in a great cockney accent "That woman's a Geeeeza!", Beckie seemed to relish the attention and made me laugh, it also made me think... Yeah, so what I'm a guy in a dress but I'm having fun and why shouldn't I show it (thanks Beckie). I think you've got to have a certain sense of realism at the end of the day and if you go out thinking you're not going to be clocked you're just setting yourself up for a fall.

We finally got to our rooms with 15 mins to get ready before meeting in the bar down stairs, not a major problem as everything was pretty much done anyway but was a nice time to get some weight off my feet.

Lucy and I made our way down to the bar to find no-one there so decided to go back up and knock on their doors, there was a lift already there with and a guy waiting to go up so we thought we'd wait for another one but then his head popped out of the lift and said there was space in the lift (eeek, lol). We reluctantly entered the lift, he was pretty wasted but complimented us both and wished us a good night as he exited at his floor. Lucy thought she heard Becky exiting the other lift at ground floor as ours closed so we'd made the trip up to the top and down for no reason, this wasn't the last of the fun with lifts as later on this happened again a couple of times.

After a drink in the bar we got a taxi but not before some more fun in lifts like ships passing in the night. It was decided that we were to go out and get some food at a restaurant - Bella Pasta, in what I think was Soho (I could be wrong), I'm not sure I've laughed so much in a taxi before). We had to walk for a bit to the restaurant, even though it was a Thursday the streets were full of people, ordinarily I would have felt completely out of place but Beckie and Terri's confidence had enveloped me.
Beckie and Terri in the Taxi
Beckie and Terri in the Taxi on the way to Soho

The meal was also full of laughter but with the addition of Champagne which was freely flowing along with numerous toasts to one thing or another throughout the course of the meal, I say meal in the loosest term as most of us only had a starter . We were also joined by SilverVoice from TrannyInternational, a true gentlemen. We finished our meals and as we'd drunk them out of Champagne we decided to head to a club.
Lucy and Beckie
Lucy and Beckie on our way to the bar

So out again on the streets of Soho we said our goodbyes to SilverVoice and headed to G-A-Y bar, Terri or Beckie (I can't remember which) protested to a search on entry to the bar as they were "Layyydeee's". It was reasonably busy in there which was good, after a drink Nicky parted company with us and headed home leaving us girls to our own devices. Lucy and I did a bit of dancing, well Lucy did and I moved my body in the most uncoordinated and non-rhythmic manner people had seen in a gay club, my feet hurting from my shoe's didn't make it any easier so I had a sit down.
Lucy and I
Lucy and I in the club

A bit later, Beckie (our guide) decided it was a good time to head to another club, we had a look round for Terri but she'd disappeared unfortunately so it was now just the three of us. We went to G-A-Y club which was not really very busy but was good fun all the same, we got our pics taken with a random girl who was quite lovely as I remember. The club was in three sections and as Beckie described it: camp, camper and dance music, it was an old theatre I vagely remember. Lucy was determined to get me dancing but by this stage my feet were killing me so my terrible attempts at the previous venue looked positively professional in comparison.

We left the club about 2ish and made our way to a cafe to have a coffee before catching a taxi back to the hotel, upon entering the cafe I heard from behind us "That's what I'm talking about! You're in Soho!". While we were waiting for our drinks, a coffee of some description which was very nice incidentally a girl behind us got my attention and asked me where I'd got my shoes from as she thought they were great (I didn't tell her that they were killing me) this was certainly a highlight of the evening for me. We sat down outside with our drinks and chatted about the evening. Once we were all finished we made our way to a main road and flagged down a taxi, well Beckie ran out in front of the taxi which certainly worked. An excellent night, probably my best tranny experience yet and one I hope to repeat, thanks Beckie, Terri and Nicky for looking after us.

Jenn x

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