Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The night before the shoot

Chloe had kindly offered for us (Lucy and I) to go around to hers the night before as she's in Brumlington (Birmingham), it would be easier to get on the M1 from there for the trip down to London, so I got there after a fleeting visit back home to get my stuff into the car and got myself to Chloe's.

We made our way to Birmingham New Street to meet Lucy's train and after a couple of txts and a phone call we were all together and on our way back to Chloe's. Once there, we got on to getting changed and I did a spot of waxing on Lucy's legs, she wasn't too keen to do it at first but she did it in the end and after the first strip had been whipped off she said it wasn't too bad after all. Lucy said I was enjoyed doing the waxing just a little bit too much, hehe... it's good fun.
3/4 (Hair)Shorts
Lucy's 3/4 (hair) trousers - Sorry Lucy I had to post it.

Chloe got ready in super quick time and started on getting the food done while we were sorting ourselves out, a few minutes later we were all ready and having a great meal produced by Chloe who incidentally would make an excellent housewife - I've already put in a subscription to House Wife magazine or the like for her. ;o)
The perfect housewife?
Chloe: The perfect Housewife?

The wine was flowing as was the conversation on various subjects, an excellent night and start to our 3 day Tranny stint. More to follow...

Hugs Jenn. x

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