Sunday, 21 June 2009

Informative video

I came across this video and thought I should share it here:

It's an informative video about Transgender and Gender Queer.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Two confessions...

Yes you read correctly, I've not only told the girl I've (semi-)started to see but a very good friend of mine.

Unfortunately it wasn't face to face with the girl which would have been preferable but via email (the next best thing?) but was brave and sent the message telling her, possibly the scariest message I've sent. Initially there was a lovely text message, but made no mention of the subject, the next day I got a lengthy response with various questions which in fairness I had said that if she had any questions to fire away so not unexpected. That's where I am with that at the moment, not the complete negative response I was expecting.

Meanwhile, Rachael an old rg friend came down recently to see me, it was great to see her first of all as we'd not seen each other for a good few months and secondly for the chat we had. It wasn't a completely out of the blue introduction to the subject of me being trans as she already knew, we went out a good while back and I told her then-I hadn't told anyone else since and we hadn't spoken about it since we split up. It's really nice as we still get on really well. Rach was quizzing me about the new girl and I'd said that I'd been trying to be very open about it and had sent her a message telling her. We spent the rest of the evening talking about whether I wanted to transition and the like, it was really good to talk to her about it all-felt like a weight had been lifted. I've been invited to go out with her sometime, she's seen me dressed but not how I dress now so that will be good and a little scary.

Thanks to everyone that has posted comments, all your advice and experience is greatly welcomed and appreciated, thank you!

Jenn xx