Sunday, 29 July 2007

The BNO experience...

Wow... I had a great night! I'm obviously talking about the BNO (Big Night Out) at the Pink Punters last night.

From the start... I drove down to Milton Keynes and got there about mid day, Nicky and I were supposed to be going shopping but unfortunately she got held up with work and joined me a bit later by which time I'd been around most of the shops and got the few bits I had wanted to get. Nicky and I went for some food, afterwards I left Nicky to do her shopping as my parking ticket was running out and headed over to the hotel.

Arrived at the Campanile Hotel, as I pulled into the car park there was a t-girl standing outside in the shortest mini-dress and what must have been 5" stiletto boots, if I had any doubt I was at the right place before, it was now gone. I went to reception and booked in uneventfully and was issued my room number, I was a bit tired so I had a Power Nap in preparation for going out.

Nataskia (Natty) turned up and we both got ready, we decided to go down the the hotel bar semi-conservative so I wore my footless tights with my (ridiculously short) denim micro-mini and a red top with my red heels, Nicky was still getting ready at this point. There were quite a few girls down there which was nice, we had a chat over a drink and decided we'd get changed into something slightly more exciting for going over to the club in, I put on my LBD (little black dress), pink shrug with my pink peep-toe shoes. After checking on Nicky's progress Natty was wondering if it was possible to run in her altitude sickness inducing heels so decided to have a go much to my amusement as she sprinted off down the corridor, to describe it would do it no justice as it's something to witness, let's just say I could hardly breath from laughing so much.

After changing Nicky joined us for a drink in the hotel bar again, we chatted to a few other girls there too before heading over to the Pink Punters. This seemed to be some kind of tranny assault course which involved negotiating a ditch, a road, gravel, a hill and some super steep steps. Fortunately we all passed, but it was certainly a close call at times.

Entering the club was something I've not experienced before, even at the WOC (Way Out Club), I think it felt more intimidating than WOC, the middle floor (where we entered) seemed to be populated solely by lesbians and a distinct lack of trannies. We got some drinks and decided to head up stairs which certainly seemed to be the place to be, phew! Natty seemed to know everyone some how, we're not sure how as it was only her second time out too, the first being Sparkle (which I missed). We chatted to a few girls and everyone seemed lovely. Lena was lovely and made an effort to come over and talk to us, although I'm not sure I believe she was 84 as she claimed, hehe.

The toilets were on the ground floor which was two flights below us, it was pretty busy getting to and from the toilets but no-one really seemed to bat an eyelid (which is nice). On my return I got talking to Selena who was really pretty and super convincing, we got on really well finding we had seemingly an infinite amount of things in common. I once again needed the toilet and in true girly fashion went to the toilets together, now I know what girls get up to in the toilets when they go together ;o). During this time Nicky was guarding my handbag (thank you Nicky :oD ) so I felt I should not leave her much longer despite enjoying Selena's company. By this time everyone was getting pretty tired so we decided to end it on a high note, Selena walked with me to the door where we exchanged numbers and a good night peck on the cheek (as girls do).

Natty and I made it safely back to the hotel where Nicky had locked her self out, she called the reception people from our room and got a spare to get back in. We took off our make up and went to sleep, after chatting for a few mins about the night.

We all had a cooked breakfast together in the hotel restaurant and talked for a bit. Thanks Nicky and Natty, it was a great evening, good to see Nicky again and to meet Natty. We'll certainly have to do it again sometime.

Natty posted her experiences here on Tranny International which is worth a read if you're interested in going.

Kisses Jenn x

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nickyminiskirt said...

Thanks for the lovely report Jenn. It sounds like such a lovely night, with a few laughs and some girly toilet fun as well!!! The Smirnoff's must have gone down a treat ?? I hope Nicky shook her tail feather on the dance floor? That's probably where she lost her key??? And you must always remember she needs a navigator !