Sunday, 8 July 2007

First time out...

Like I say, I've been dressing on and off since school, always behind closed doors until a couple of weeks ago when I met up with Nicky Derwent and Rihanna in London. I received a message from Nicky saying a few girls were meeting up in London to go out to the Way Out Club and whether I'd like to go? I was shocked and honored that I'd been invited so it would have been rude to turn down such a lovely offer, thanks Nicky!

I had a great weekend, Friday we dressed in the hotel, had a few drinks in the bar and had a meal in the restaurant, I was wearing my corset (underneath) which was a bad idea with the meal in mind. urrrh! lol All in all thought the night was pretty magic ;)

Saturday we went in to London shopping (not dressed), went to Doreen's ( where I got my boobs and a lovely black strapless dress. Doreen's is a bit like Transformation but it's even more relaxed and friendly (and better priced), it's very much just like any other shop that you might walk in to, they had some lovely dresses.

We then went to Oxford street and went in pretty much most of the girls shops there, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, New Look, H&M etc... My feet were killing me by the end of it and I was wearing trainers. Once finished we made our way back to the hotel where I had a quick power nap as I felt cream crackered!

Saturday evening, we all got dressed, had a few drinks at the hotel again, there were also some other trannys there to talk to which helped a lot to put me at ease.
Before going out
Nicky Derwent, Me, Emma and Rihanna

Then we went to the Way Out Club which according to a girl that has been going for SIX years said it was most quiet she'd seen it! I was quite happy with this as I was still a little self conscious. It was great being out and seeing and talking to other people at the club, I think next time I'll talk to a few more people as I'll be slightly less nervous. Nicky was great, a real confidence booster! We had a few drinks and left about 2ish, on the way to the toilets just before we left there was a girl singing "on stage", as I walked past I tripped a little and sent the artist in to laughter. It was quite embarrassing but hey, it was my first time out and I probably would have giggled if I'd seen the same.
Enjoying a drink
Enjoying a Smirnoff Ice ;o)

The taxi dropped us off at the end of the road which meant we had to walk for a couple of mins to get to the hotel (I quite enjoyed this, not sure why). I had a lovely night but thought it was a shame that I had to get undressed and take my make-up off, ah well, all good things must come to an end... I left my nails on until the next day though, I quite enjoy having long nails.

I think going out for the first time is like opening a Pringles tube: "Once you pop, you can't stop!" ;)

Kisses Jenn.x

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