Wednesday, 18 July 2007

The Sal and Sara Makeover

I never know how to start these off so this is probably as good as any, anyway, I was talking to a tranny friend of mine and she mentioned that she was probably going to get a makeover done. I said to her "Wow, it'd be fun to do it together", which looking back was a little cheeky of me but if you don't ask you don't get eh? Luckily she thought it was great idea and asked them if there was space for another to join them, they're a mother daughter team which sounded like it had the potential of working really well.

So nearer the time Chloe sent over her address as we were doing the makeover at hers, I got all my stuff together in a bag and put it in my car ready to go straight from work the night before. My day at work seemed to go really slowly as I was excited (and nervous) about meeting Chloe and having the makeover, home time came and I vacated the premises with haste shooting out the doors ;) I cunningly got some rough directions from the internet that weren't particularly good so I had to give Chloe a call to be guided in - well I am half blond ;)

I knocked on Chloe's door to have it opened silently from within, Chloe was already dressed bar makeup as she wanted to leave a "blank" canvas for the girls to play with. I brought my stuff in, went up stairs, had a shave and put on some jeans, a red t-shirt and my red stilettos. I went down stairs and Chloe and I chatted for a while until we got a knock at the door, Chloe opened the door and let Sal and Sara in.

We all chatted for a few mins and then Sara started making me up while Sal took on Chloe, Sara was great at explaining what she was using and what she was doing and after a few minutes we were both done. We both rushed up stairs (to the mirror) to see the final result and WOW! we both looked great!

Chloe (right) and I posing

We took a few photos, and got changed...
I love this wig

...and took some photos, and got changed...
Work it baby ;)
I think this is a little Natalie Portman from Closer, I'm not sure if that's a good thing as she's playing a stripper.

...and took some photos, and got changed...
I really like this photo

...and took some photos. hehe. Sara was great at giving direction as to what pose to do or sorting out our hair for a shot. There's more pictures on my Flickr page: Jenny Ford Pictures

Big thanks to the girls, their web page can be found here:

Hugs Jenn x

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