Saturday, 12 May 2007

To the Shop

Well, I decided to get my self to a tranny shop for some advice etc:

I visited the Birmingham Transformation Shop which was pretty scary, I parked up around the corner and walked along the road up to the shop and kept walking past the shop as I was a bit nervous but plucked up my courage and went up to the door. I opened the outer door and then tried to go through the inner door but it was locked! Eek, a face appeared behind the counter and buzzed me in, phew and I was in!

A guy came out and asked me if I was looking for anything specific and I explained I'd not been there before etc. He was great, offered me a cup of coffee and got straight to work explaining about hip/bottom shapers, breast forms the lot. It was almost a case of information overload, then I was wisked in to the changing rooms, fitted with breasts, hips and a 24" corset, put into a lycra dress, some black 4"ish heels and was then fitted with a couple of wigs until they decided which would be best for me.

Reading it back, it sounds like one of the fictionous stories you read but it actually happened. I was then taken back out in to the shop to have a look at myself. I couldn't believe the figure in front of me was me! It was amazing, I never thought I could ever look anything like that but here I was.

So there you go, I got changed back in to my drab clothes, chatted for a bit and got the corset (It's Pink!) and a blond streaked wig. They really were great in there and made me feel completely comforatble, a real confidence boost and a glimpse that I had the potential of being passable.

Jenny x

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