Saturday, 6 December 2008

The news, it's new and improved...

It seems to be the week for Trans news, here's one from Japan:

I love the way the presenter says that it's the first times he's worn a bra, I feel he doth protest too much.

Closer to home now with the introduction of the ID card in the UK, it seems TG's are going to have to get two cards, costing them double!! Here's the news article

But more importantly, not really news but... Club O (or Orgasm) in Bristol does Trans friendly nights, so I thought it would be great to go there some time early next year. You do have to be a member but it's only £5 for 6 months and it's a bring your own booze which they label up with your name and put it in the fridge for your consumption - a cheap night in that respect. I will have a think on dates and let you know.

I just saw my neighbour leaving the house in an "interesting" outfit, ironically I thought "she's a bit odd" as I turned from the window in my dress, heels and false nails.

Take care,
Jenn x


Lynn Jones said...

Interesting as in "scary interesting" or interesting as in "ooo, no love". :)

Jenny Ford said...

"Oh my! That's a fantastic conglomerate of styles that don't seem to meld" kind of interesting.