Tuesday, 6 November 2007

To exceed is to not succeed - Oh no!!!

I've come to the limit of my free Flickr account, I either need to cull some of my pictures off or pay to upgrade my account. The only other option (which is a slim one) is that some lovely person buys me a pro account.

I've been really happy with Flickr since they made me safe again. Ah well, it's pretty good seeing as it's free and I've uploaded 200 pics.

Taken by a pro - so to speak
A final result from the TINT makeover day

Jenn x


Calista said...

This is a stunning great outfit. But I can't see the details of your skirt unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

If you are seeking financial support to upgrade this excelent and inspirational blob, perhaps an appropriate sum might be forthcoming from the administrators at Tint ? Perhaps you should contact their pursor, with instructions on how to arrange such a subsidy ? ;-) Bugger,I can't do smileys !

Anonymous said...

ps to get more images for your money, how about collaging, or tiling ? If you're a photography novice, or you don't have a suitable managing suite, I'm sure Leyla would help you :-))