Wednesday, 7 November 2007


The last time I was out with Lucy she posed a question to me:
If you had the choice between being an ugly (real) girl or a great looking tranny, what would you choose?

This really stumped me to be honest, obviously both have their pros and cons. At least if you're a real girl you don't have to deal with getting acceptance from society, I suppose the worst case scenario there's always plastic surgery - hehe. With being a great looking tranny though, you'd probably not have a problem with being read so the issue with society would be nullified. Is this not just a test of vanity? Possibly looking a little deep in to the question but I've yet to make a final decision.

The next is one I stumbled upon YouTube:
Are you someone's favourite person?

I've no idea if I'm anyone's favourite person, I think we'd all like to think we were although I don't think a person can have just one so I'm pretty sure most people are someone's. Something to think about though.

Enough of that, the next one will be back to my normal airy, fluffy, nonsensical self next time.
Hugs Jenn xx


Calista said...

This one is even more trickier.
Would you rather be a healthy man without gender dysphoria or a confused transsexual?
I think I will go for the last one. Because I rather join the superior sex.

Anonymous said...

Surely, being a 'great looking tranny' which, in your case, is a gross understatement, you get the best of both worlds ? In your male personna, you can lead a 'normal', contented life, fall in love with a gg, etc. In your femme life, you can feel pride in your appearance, and savour the pleasure and self-confidence of knowing that your transformation is so totally successful and convincing ? Most people would be happy to lead just one contented life. You have the rare and priceless opportunity to lead two ! Grab that opportunity with both hands. PS, I think that IF you were a 'gg', I'd be in love, but maybe such comments should be left unsaid, other than to express the ultimate compliment ?