Thursday, 9 August 2007

Resources and an idea

I came across a few really useful resources today that I thought I'd share:
  • Lauren Scarlet's Makeup guide: It's a great guide orientated towards trannies, it's not 100% complete at the moment but it's certainly worth having a read of with some great tips.
  • iVillage figure flatterer: This is full of useful tips of what things to and what not to wear. I concentrated on the Boyish Figure and Wide Shoulders sections although a read of some of the other's is certainly worth while. After reading this I approached shopping in a very different way, looking at what would flatter my figure rather than what I thought looked sexy, probably closer to how GG's (Genetic Girls) look around shops to be honest.
On a completely different subject, I'm thinking of doing a long weekend for Jenny in the next few months, not quite sure what, where or how yet. Any suggestions or recommendations let me know.

Hugs Jenny x

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