Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Opportunities or lack there of...

Well, I went last Thursday for my appointment for the IPL, it was the first one so it was mostly a Q & A session to tick boxes and sign my life away (I hope not!) basically to cover against legal action if something goes wrong (I should really stop saying that). I had a tester done to make sure it I didn't react badly to it, which I didn't so I've got another appointment this Thursday (tomorrow) for the full treatment this time. It's not really painful, it just feels like you're hairs are being zapped. It's quite fun in an odd way, it's like a green flash so it could be something out of an evil film.

I'm currently trying to work out what to put with my green Billabong dress to cover my shoulders, I'm thinking either a white or black shrug. I've got a white crocheted poncho type thing that I'll have to see if it goes. I'd like to keep the kinda surfy feel to the outfit, maybe just a jacket? Thoughts welcome, please help me!

It's a bit annoying at the moment as I can't get dressed at home because my brother's staying with me at the moment. I'll feel better in a couple of weeks after BNO on the 14th of Sept, just a bit frustrating at the moment. On a more positive note though my nails are looking pretty good now, although I think I need to shorten them as they're getting to the point where they're just a little too long not to get noticed. I'd love to have them as long as I like but it comes back to one of my previous posts so I'll not repeat myself.

Well that's about it for now.
Hugs Jenny xox

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