Thursday, 9 April 2009

And so...

I've been pretty busy recently, no rest for the wicked so it seems. I did manage to get up to Lucy's Welcome Home Party which was great fun and amazing to see everyone, I've not been out in Brumlington for such a long while. I drove furiously to get there straight from work and some how I managed it in a reasonable time giving me a few minutes to get myself showered, changed and to the party, I must add I was greeted with a beautiful smile and glass of wine courtesy of Chloe. I was pretty much the last person to arrive (fashionably late is how I see it) although I don't think anyone was worried, it was fab to catch up with everyone and meet some new people.

We also went out to the usual: The Loft and on to The Village a bit later on. I won't bore with details but it was a great night even if I was caught by the paparazzi.

I have some good news, I've booked an appointment for a "Laser" session, so I've got to go and do another tester patch as it's with a different clinic to before. I'm trying to build up my courage to go and see a professional about me being gender dysphoric, gender variant, transvestite, transgendered or transsexual - delete as appropriate.

I'm not sure if I wanted to write anything else, I'll do another post if I remember something. Alan, sorry for any concern caused... I typed the title title and pressed enter which posted a blank post.

Jenn xx


alan said...

Be glad I don't have an e-mail address...(I am very grateful to see the Twitter so I know you're about)!

So I deleted my worries, but can't make it go away "forever" from this end!

I'm always happy to find words from you and a photo or two makes it even better! I love the sweater...bright and cheerful when it's a cold dreary day here! The necklace catches light quite nicely as well!

I've read so much about the different hair treatments and the reaction that changes from person to person. I shall cross my fingers for you and hope that you are one of the lucky ones!

As far as seeing professionals go, I wish I had several times through the years despite the familial stigmas attached. No amount of reading or research can make up for a few minutes time with someone who knows and who cares and is good at what they do! The knowledge you gain will be invaluable...

You are kind, smart, funny, sweet, talented and someone who brightens this world just by being in it! Thank you for allowing me to share it!


Jenny Ford said...


You are too kind! Thank you for your words of support and encouragement, I appreciate all of them. The world is smaller than it used to be.

Jenn x

Lady Alexia said...

Good Luck with the laser treatment sweetie. I will keep good thoughts for you and say a few prayers. I hope you continue to work towards wholeness. Some of us are denied that, but we rejoice just the same when one of our sisters can see the end of the Rainbow. I hope that wasn't too sappy.