Saturday, 11 April 2009

House Work and Revelations

I decided to have a day to myself and get some house work done, I'd make a great little house wife keeping the house clean and tidy, doing the washing and the cooking. I just need a prince (or preferably a princess) to come and whisk me off my feet away from the responsibilities of my current life, I do hope it's an electric whisk too.

Mooching around the house
Mooching around the house

It's a lovely day out, I'd be tempted to go out if I wasn't so worried about being read/recognised, I've more than enough to keep me occupied so it's not too much of an issue. I think I'll be a lot more confident when I've had some Laser done on my face - ZZZzzzap!

I think I've had a revelation, I'm pretty sure I'm TS, I've been thinking about it for a while as I'm sure you may have guessed so I will be certainly seeing a doctor pretty soon - watch this space. I don't think I'll need to tell work just yet but I think I'll have to about <6 months in to taking hormones - eek! :D So everyone that's told me over the last couple of years that I'm TS and I said "Hmmmm I'm not sure", well you're right. I feel like I've hit a milestone (in my mind at least), I feel like I can make some assertive steps now. It's all going to be very exciting and scary, there will be highs and there will be lows I'm not fooling myself about that but I think I'm on the right track now.

Enough waffle, I need to sort out my clothes and put some washing on.

Jenn xxx


Sara said...

Jenn, you look great. From what I've read here, you're a girl. Doesn't matter what society chooses to label you for it's convenience. You are you. And that's Jenn. I'm sure there will be loads of people, both in person and online, who will be with you on your journey. To hold your hand, to help you, to reassure, to cajole when required and to watch you blossom into the women you will become.

I so hope you find your Princess.

Sara xo

alan said...

I've written before of looking forward to the day we can just "be" instead of worrying about labels and modifiers and such.

You are always gorgeous in each and every photo I've been lucky enough to favorite is still New Years and I treasure the happiness in your eyes that day, just as I do your smile in the one from today.

As you say, life is always full of highs and lows, like the pendulum of the old clock swinging back and forth, but knowing that, like knowing yourself, makes all things related much easier!

So I shall look forward to watching this space!


Lynn Jones said...

I'd be tempted to go out if I wasn't so worried about being read/recognised

Don't worry about being read, TG folk get read all the time and the sky doesn't come crashing down. :)

Recognition? Well, I guess that depends on if you want to stay local or not.

Going out, sure it's scary the first time or so, but you soon take it in your stride.

Chrissie said...

Jenny, you look fab, and being "read" will be the least of your problems, I'm sure. :)

"I don't think I'll need to tell work just yet"

You would be right to hold off on this, IMO. I'm only slightly further down the line than you (only recently had my pyscho assessments, and got my referral to GID clinic). I'll not be notifying "official" bodies like the kid's school until I have to, which will mean when things start to show or until I need to go full time.

May I suggest getting in touch with The Gender Trust, who can give loads of advice about TS issues in the workplace?


Vanessa said...

A brave step love! Don't worry too much about being read - it happens to all of us. And from your pictures you've got a lot going for you already!