Monday, 20 April 2009

Visiting friends in Newark

Last weekend I took a long drive to see some friends I've not seen for about a year and a half, I'm not a very good friend, luckily Racheal and Simon are! We spent Saturday catching up and popping in to town for a few bits and bobs for going out in the evening, yey! Simon's a great photographer and took a few pics of me before heading out, somehow he managed to take a couple of good shots - given the subject ;)

Check out Simon Ross Photography.

We went in to Nottingham for the evening, first stop was the Pit & Pendulum which I really enjoyed as they were playing some really good music - I can't help being a rock-chick - even if I don't look like one always. Plus there were loads of Pirates loitering, yaaaaah! After a few drinks we moved on to @d2 which is about a 5-10 minute walk, ordinarily would be nice punctuation to an evening however on this occasion it was a bit fresh. @d2 is more trendy than the Pit & Pendulum, in that it is trendy, we had a few more drinks before NG1 opened, it's literally next door so only brief exposure to the Northern-bite.

Before going out for the night
Before heading out - Photo by Simon Ross

Now the best part about NG1 is that I got asked for ID!! I was quite shocked and flattered, I didn't have any ID on me so I had to flutter my eyelids and try and convince the bouncer I was of age - somehow I managed it, phew! The club's really cool, there are various rooms with different music not to mention a couple of chill out areas, it didn't really get too busy even towards the end of our stay.

Out at NG1
In NG1

Throughout the whole night I didn't feel uncomfortable being out in Nottingham, there were no comments, just a really enjoyable night with friends - how it should be!

Thanks to Racheal and Simon for the lovely weekend, I look forward to seeing you both again soon.

Jenn xx


alan said...

Going through the images in your friend's gallery, there are some very fine ones indeed!

None finer than his one of you, though! I tried to "embiggen" it but Flickr didn't like that...

Reading through the services and prices list seems very thorough and very reasonable. Photography seems to grow harder to make a living at with each generation so I'm happy for everyone who really wants to and can!

I'm also glad that you had such a great time out! The pace of life seems to offer less of those instead of more despite all our advances and "labor saving" devices; a truly good one is food for the soul!


Lynn Jones said...

Sounds like you had a really good time out in "Nottm" :)

> Northern-bite

LOL. Welcome to the Midlands! :)

Calista said...

Simon did some great photography on you. You look stunning cool.