Sunday, 15 March 2009

Cycling and punchers

Today was a lovely sunny and warm day, I needed to go for a cycle to work out how long it will take me to get to work and find a route. As it was such a nice day I thought it would have been silly to wear trousers so shorts were order of the day, I've not been out in shorts when I've had shaved legs before so this was a brave step. While I was feeling brave I decided to wear a black vest top so I didn't get horrid t-shirt tanning. All was going well until I got a puncher, at least it was a nice day.

Thanks to Alan, Alexia and Lynn for their kind words.

Jenn xx


alan said...

Sadly, if I had a job close enough to bike to work I know I'd get bike-jacked.

I started to point out yesterday that not only swimmers shave (not only their legs) but mountain bikers I've read as well...seems the less hair in the wounds the better!

I'm glad it's finally warming up there as well. Here it's greening and my allergies are kicking in, but I'm so glad to be warm I don't care!


Right back at you about the kind words!


Mireille said...

I also think body hair removal for guys is quite fashionable these days, lucky for me :P