Sunday, 17 May 2009

Pimps and Ho's

Rachel Marie and I decided we should try out Club-O in Brizzel, well it was kind of my idea so I should take responsibility really. After meeting up with Rach, we were given the grand tour of Club-O by Geoff the owner, we were guaranteed to love it and it did look like a good venue - the club's got a (real) well! It accommodates a wide range of activities most of which I wouldn't be interested in a participating in if I'm perfectly honest - not that I usually lie.

The pub we were staying at was in the village where the whole road is gay*, if you know what I mean. After an ATM-Fail we walked in to town which is about 5 mins away to get cash and some food, while we were enjoying our food at GBK we see what was possibly the pinnacle of the weekend, a proper Pimp fully kitted out including cane, at this point we realised that we were in the coolest part of town. The area has all the high-street shops that you might want to visit for something new before heading out on the town, Topshop, H&M, New Look etc all present.

We got ready to the sound track of the Eurovision Song Contest which I was in awe of, one of the entrants had a girl miming and dancing while the real singer was at the edge of the stage - poor girl.

We walked to the club which only took about 3-4 mins, as we were new members we had to provide proof of address and ID which they didn't like the fact that we had our femme names despite me checking with Ge off before our arrival, ah no worries. It was pretty quiet when we got there, we got a couple of glasses and had some of the wine we took along - it's bring your own booze although they've just got their licence so it'll be available behind the bar soon.

There were a couple of RG hostesses, Sasha and Lucy somehow convinced me to get up and dance. Ordinarily I don't really do much dancing, partially because I'm pretty disjointed when it comes to that sort of thing but I think I danced a great portion of the night away.

During a brief visit outside to get some fresh air, Sasha and Lucy were surprised to learn that I wasn't particularly interested in men, it's funny how people just assume that if you want to be a woman you also fancy men. They'd not been around t-girls before but they said they really enjoyed their night.

Rach and I made our way back to the room we were stopping at, we got a couple of honks from cars going by - I'm sure they wouldn't have beeped if they'd looked closer hehe.

We had a good night anyway.

Take care
Jenn xx

*According to Geoff

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