Friday, 22 May 2009

Dilemma pt2

Firstly thanks to everyone that's commented on the subject, your wise words are greatly welcomed.

I've seen the as for mentioned girl a few times now and all is going well, I've not spoke to her yet about this subject. We're supposed to be meeting over the weekend, hopefully it will be nice weather so I can wear 3/4 length short/trousers which will hopefully initiate the question about why I have shaved legs etc.

Wish me luck - eek!
Jenn x


alan said...

I shall wish you all the luck in the Universe and hope it's uneeded!

Looking forward with my fingers crossed!


Sara Jones said...

Good luck!! :)

Lynn Jones said...

Okay... umm... good luck!

Should I be saying: break a (waxed) leg? :-)

KylieM said...

Good luck Jenn. Hope it went well!