Sunday, 11 January 2009

Rise of the T-Girls!

I came across this video, it contains some very wise words:

Just do it! Get over the fear!

The good old BBC have written a great little article on (funnily enough) the subject of Gender Dysphoria/Transgender, it's from the Radio 1 Sunday Surgery program that deals with all matter of problems people might have. It's great that the BBC did such a program as they have such a massive audience, I'm sure it help a lot of confused people. My favourite comment at the bottom is: "I'm normal then? what a relief."

Just a little one this time, more to come...
Hugs Jenn xxx

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alan said...

Thank you for this...I'm about to e-mail it to someone who needs desperately to hear these words and coming from me they won't mean much!

Thank you thank you thank you!