Saturday, 18 July 2009

To the Meadfoot...

I've just been sorting out the date posts were made so they're in the right order and on the right days, I must apologise if the change in the order of my posts has confuzzled you but I think it's better in the long run, while I'm being productive I thought I'd take the chance to write a post. After going to Sparkle and the doctors I decided I should get out a bit more, I'd been invited over to Torquay a few times previously by Dizzy although I'd always been busy before, I was actually free this Friday so it was a prompt departure from work to get home, have a quick shower/shave etc and get ready for going over to Torquay. Believe it or not I actually got ready in about an hour which I think must be a record for me, this I think was the first time I've left the house fully dressed, I was slightly worried about bumping in to any of the other people that live in the building, luckily that didn't happen and I got to the car (in a slight fluster but) without an issue.

I was thinking I really must get a sat-nav as I was driving around Torquay looking for an alternative route as I'd missed the turning, in the end I decided it was best to head all the way back to where I went wrong and take the correct turning. I finally got to Becky's flat where we were all meeting before going to the Meadfoot Inn, once we'd all assembled we made our way back along my erroneous route to the Meadfoot. It was Karaoke night so it was quite loud at times but everyone was really friendly and welcoming, someone even sang Sweet Transvestite from The Rocky Horror picture Show which apparently is a song that isn't a stranger to that autocue.

Picture from the toilets
in the Meadfoot
One of the guys in there seemed to be quite taken with me, which was very flattering but I wasn't really interested. I'm not really attracted to men, maybe I'll feel differently about that in the future, I doubt it but who knows. It was quite funny, he said: "How do I flirt with you?" - hehe. Luckily he left to go on to a club and wished me a good night.

All in all it was a good night, I can't help thinking it was not really like the real world. It would be great if the real world was that accepting and didn't care about your sexual orientation or which gender you present yourself as but unfortunately it does. As much as I'd like to hide myself away in gay bars, it's not the real world.

Thanks to Dizzy and Becky for their hospitality, it was good to see Tanya again and catch up with her.

Bye-z-bye x


Lynn Jones said...

> ready in about an hour

That is going some! It takes bloody *ages* to get all glammed up doesn't it! :)

Bloke night out vs tranny night out? About 57 minutes as the bloke night out involves:

1. Check stubble - nah, it'll do.
2. Check armpit - sniff sniff
3. Check other armpit - sniff...
4. Apply Lynx :)
5. Pull on jeans and pick shirt/t-shirt.
6. Leave and chew gum on the way there.


Jenny Ford said...

Hehe, it's so true! It's hard work becoming beautiful, just imagine if I didn't put half the effort in!! Eek!