Tuesday, 7 August 2007


I rushed out of work like a cat on fire (sorry cat lovers, the image made me giggle - I wouldn't like to see the reality of that) much like last time when I went to see Chloe for out Makeover with Sara and Sal. The only difference being, I actually made it to Chloe's house without having to call her up for directions on my final approach.

A much needed sandwich was made for me (thank you Chloe) and we chatted for a bit and then decided to get our bits together which gave me the perfect opportunity to show her my new bits and bobs, mostly I think she approved bar my green flip-flops which I'll discuss later. I then had a shave and sorted myself out, putting in contacts etc. Once we had got all our bits together in a bag which looked almost as though we were going to storm the embassy due to it's size, we were going in our usual drab and getting changed there.

Chloe drove to the OutSkirts meet as she knows the area and I've not really got a Scooby Doo (clue) where I'm going in Brumlington, it's held at the Victoria Theatre Bar in John Bright Street, Birmingham city centre, at the back of the Alexandra Theatre for you information. A link can be found on the right in the links section. Before going I'd emailed Sally to ask her for any information I might need which actually turned out to be not much as it's pretty much covered on the website but it was nice to make contact before turning up, as luck might have it she wasn't going to be about that evening but she said Larna would be. We parked up and entered the pub and Larna greeted us and pointed us in the right direction to get changed, most people were already dressed to impress. I think it's the fastest I've ever got myself ready, Chloe and I finished getting ready pretty much at the same time, we stowed our surplus bits to the sports bag and made our entrance! I was wearing my new white linen skirt, pink wide necked jumper and my pink heels (I couldn't stop myself from wearing them ). This was Chloe's first time out, I think she was less nervous than I was, I got us some drinks from the bar (a glass of wine each) and we had an excellent chat with Larna. She gave us some really useful advice and really made us feel welcome. We chatted with a few people, Julie let us know about the Annual Midlands Tranny Get-Together which she and Lesley are organising, (Sha)Kira and Tamzin were also great to talk to.

After another drink (soft this time as we were both driving later) we were invited to a bar over towards the village, the name escapes me at the moment. Chloe and I made our way back to the car which was across the road in the multi-story car park, we followed Tamzin and Kira to the other pub eventually finding a parking space. Chloe was worried about driving in heels but managed perfectly, we had to walk for about a minute to get to the pub, it was really nice being out in the real world as my previous experiences had all been in Tranny specific venues.

Just talking to my invisible friend in the chair
Me at the Loft

We arrived at the bar greeted by Kira who kindly got us both a drink (thank you :D), everyone else from OutSkirts were sitting in the back, Tamzin, Kira and (to my surprise) Chloe decided to sit in the window. I was initially uncomfortable with this but it was fine as the street wasn't too busy and I think it was a gay bar or at least gay friendly. Larna joined us a few minutes later, we had a great time joking and laughing about various things however it came to light that Chloe had some issues with flip-flops which explained her cool reception to my (beautiful) green flip-flops . Everyone seemed to have a live for today story which certainly made me think, on that train of thought I probably should have been here years ago. Tamzin thought we should get some pics so we went outside in to the garden and had a mini-photoshoot (Thank you Tamzin).
Chloe and I @ the Loft
Chloe and I at the Loft, check out Chloe's grin

It was around 1:30am by this time, I still had to drive home from Chloe's house so we took ourselves back to the car accompanied by wolf-whistles and beckons which we ignored. We got back, I got changed and took my makeup off while Chloe tried on some of her new purchases while she was still looking good. I thanked Chloe for the great night and got myself on the road, arriving home about 2:45ish I was greeted by a message from Selena which was the icing on an already very sweet cake.

Thank you to everyone that made us feel welcome, hope to see you again soon.

I had very heavy eyes all day at work however it was countered by a huge smile thinking about the experience.


Anonymous said...

Well done both of you and congratulations to Chloe on her first time out. I'm really pleased and happy for both of you, and so glad that you had a great time at Outskirts.

Looking forward to meeting you both :)



Leyla More said...

Sounds wonderfull, maybe I may make it down that neck of the woods one day.

Chloe said...

Hey you,

I didnt realise how much we packed into Monday night (as well as the bag) until I read your blog.

Thank you again (that must be the hundredth time I said that to you LOL) for sharing my first night out with me and making it such a wonderful experience.

Catch you real soon,

Love always

Chloe xxxx